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2nd Mar 2003, 22:13
While it is a good game I have found something that I find really annoying, once a unit engages in an attack it is almost impossible to make it retreat.

Many times I have tried to pull back a unit that comes under attack and nothing happens, they just stand there and fight to the death.

Just a few minutes ago warriors started to attack my spearmen, so I thought I know, ill pull the spearmen back and send in my praetorians, the spearmen wouldnt pull back and ended up all dieing.

3rd Mar 2003, 00:03
yes i have to admit, its sometimes frustrating.....but thats why you have scouts :p to see farther so you can adjust your ranks earlier :)

3rd Mar 2003, 00:13
Yes, but not being able to withdraw troops who are engaged in battle is stupid and limits the tactics available.

I use scouts to see what is ahead, I then send in my troops but dont always come out on top, if i'm losing I want to be able to pull my troops back to a safe distance or lead the enemy towards an ambush, at the moment this just is not possible.

This is my only complaint about the game, and think something should be done about it, its unrealistic not to be able to think "oh this is bad lets retreat", I know this is just a game but still :).

I have only noticed this problem with units who are engaged in hand to hand combat.

3rd Mar 2003, 00:18
hmmm good point.

anyways, from what i remember, romans never retreated O.o, say one unit retreats, when the battle is over that unit will be punished, every 6th or 10th person will be executed no questions asked.

also you do know you can make em RUN :)

3rd Mar 2003, 09:00
This "non-retreat" feature is probably correct. It was very difficult to retreat a small unit already involved in a close hand fight.

Remember that Romans usually kept (more or less) two third of their units in reserve. So, you should never give battle if you dont have at least one unit backing up your first line soldiers.

I know, its frustrating when you have only one unit left ... and you cannot retreat it becouse it is fighting and probably losing ;)

Andrex Aurelius
3rd Mar 2003, 17:24
Not being able to retreat is a key feature of this game. It forces you to be ready before you go into battle, which is more realistic.

In most RTS games you:

attack enemy unit

run away


attack enemy unit

run away


etc etc etc repeat and repeat and repeat until the enemy is dead. :rolleyes: :D

4th Mar 2003, 00:00
but retreating was a tactic used by the huns :( and the huns ownage rome :p well the western part anyways :p

4th Mar 2003, 12:48
Well, the hit & run tactic works well anyway. I usually use equites to harass enemies, then I bring them close to my towers/archers and let them finish the work ;)

6th Mar 2003, 16:35
In fact Romans did use retreat. It was the Gauls who didn't retreat, because of their honor code.

Caesar always take the advantaje that even when a battle was clearly lost, Gauls keep fighting till the last man. It was Vercingetorix who started to retreat in order to be able to fight another day, at the end of the Gaul campaign. Nevertheless Gauls didn't like it and always said it was honorless to do so.

The game is great. I am looking foward to fight against Egyptian in an open terrain scenario