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2nd Mar 2003, 17:38
I'm building Room Data Base and Computing Path Finding DataBase and I'm getting errors. This is what I'm getting:

Index 0 out of range (File dynarray.h, Line 379)
LINKID_RELATION(id) == Vec.Relation()(File:linkarry.cpp, Line:301)
Another Index Error, but with a very long number

May I ask why DromEd hates me? All I've done is lit, room brushed, and textured my mssion. And I still have many many things to build that I forgot (and a few things to re-roombrush).

2nd Mar 2003, 18:11
I think the LINKID error is caused by a problem with an elevator/wisp that hasn't been linked to elevator points.

Not sure what the other two could be.

2nd Mar 2003, 18:41
Open your default.rep file - its in the Thief2 directory, just open with notepad. See if that gives you any clues. If you run a monolog, look at that as well. It may help. If you know all this - sorry (I suspect you do).

2nd Mar 2003, 21:48
I don't have any wisps or elevators of any kind. And don't be sorry; I haven't a single clue of what you're talking about. How do I do this and what am I looking for?

2nd Mar 2003, 23:18
You may have an elevator or wisp and not know it's really an elevator or a wisp

3rd Mar 2003, 02:32
i think the index 0 thing could be linked to Room ). did you ever find it? (you had a prob last week right?), and if so is it still where you moved it to and named room 0?

BTW, Dromed hates us all, its not just you, I think alot of people around here just have a high tolerence to abuse:(

3rd Mar 2003, 02:33
Originally posted by Komag
You may have an elevator or wisp and not know it's really an elevator or a wisp

Boy do I remember that one. I almost trashed my keyboard trying to solve it! And if I remember correctly, it was you who put me right too. ;)

3rd Mar 2003, 03:35
Well, this is from a Thief2 perspective. If you go into your Thief2 directory (where dromed.exe and user.cfg are) there should be a file called default.rep. Open it with notepad, (and I print it out). See if there are any clues.

I'm not sure about how to do monolog anymore, but its in a resources area (or maybe someone here knows). Anyway, you type in Dromed's command window monolog (or something similar) and when you portalize it sends a "report" to a file called monolog.txt which tells you any errors it finds. Most of these errors can be ignored because Dromed likes to scare you from what I've heard. But if its major, it may tell you that too. Hope that helps.

3rd Mar 2003, 23:07
Shoot! Now that I think about it, I have 1 little wisp. I used him as a lighting feature (and when you said wisps or elevators I though, "Nope, I only have lights", which is kind of right and wrong). I thought I deleted him a long time ago (but it turned out that DromEd got touchy and crashed before I saved). Sorry about the problems everyone!