View Full Version : AutoMaps and window XP?

2nd Mar 2003, 01:14
Hey, has anyone made an automap with XP?

I have the tools and am doing it right, I've been through this before. Actually Salvage came to the rescue.

I'm not sure what platform he was using, and I ws having problems before the conversion stage anyway.

But I know that XP won't show .PCX thumbs and I think this is related. When I go to the DOS prompt and type in
<b>cutout p000ra.pcx</b> it crashes saying that it can't open this file.

Its just a PCX file, i can view it in Microsoft Picture it, photoshop , ect...
made in photoshop by the way.

2nd Mar 2003, 01:25
That's odd.

Is the file READ ONLY? Does the path have spaces in it? Folder name longer than 8 characters? Have you tried putting it together as a batch file?

Did you remember to turn anti-aliasing off this time? :p

Also, it looks like you're not doing it quite right(unless you only have one p000rx.pcx page).

Win98se, BTW.

2nd Mar 2003, 02:12
Well, I'm actually just wanting to test the map before I go all out,
This is why...

I have areas that I want to show up, and I have text to go along with them. But the text is off to the side in the blank spaces (player starts with blank map).

Your tut wasn't specific about this so I just wanted to try it. zacharius' tut shed a little light.
His tut said that everything INSIDE the green would be highlighted when the player is in that room. So does this mean that if I don't include the text (if its covered with green) that it won't even show up? Or will evevrything inside the pink show up but only whatever is in the green will be highlighted.

Thinking about it, I guess I figured it out, if you want it to show it can't be covered with green, I just don't want to trace around all these words :(
But, yes, antialiasing is off :)

I don't think the folder name is a prob (AutoMap) even though the path name is really long. One thng with XP that is different than 98, in 98 you can use the DOS prompt from the start menu when you have the folder with your work in it selected. In XP you have to make a shortcut to run.exe and place it IN the folder, then change its props to have the pathname to that folder.

I have about five different folders now, each with their own command propmt shortcut.

2nd Mar 2003, 02:27
Anything covered with green is transparent, if your map already has the words there, then you shouldn't have any problem. If the words aren't already there then you'll have to outline the words(why wouldn't a box around the words where outside the box is the transparent color work?).

I know there is a shortcut in XP for the command prompt, I've used it. I'm not sure exactly where it is, although I remember it's in an odd place, try looking in Start>All Programs>Accessories.

2nd Mar 2003, 02:36
Well, its more about outlining the words than anything, i've alredy faded them so magic wand wouldn't work. No prb though I found a pretty quick fix.

Part of the reason too is that I was shading around the rooms, but its semi transparent so the wand won't work acurately, and I didn't wnat the shading to hilight, I also don't want it on the start map because it would give away the terrain, I'm just getting rid of it.
Would you mind running the maps through cutout and makerect for me again? Sorry, my beta testers thought the map was too simple for the level so its been turned into four pages instead. quite a bit more accurate.

All the artwork should be good this time too :) If so give me an e-mail


2nd Mar 2003, 02:42
Sent ya an e-mail, I don't mind.

2nd Mar 2003, 15:12
Got 'em, fixed 'em, ran 'em through the programs, sent 'em back.

The problem was that the image editing software had changed the number of colors to 16.7 million while the programs and Thief can only use 256 color images.

To fix this I copied the original map over top of one of the maps from my map pack and saved over the original map(which I had a backup of).

A little extra for the tut.