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Maximus Dominicus
2nd Mar 2003, 00:58
The game is almost perfect. Its too bad they didn't include siege battle in the skirmish modes. All you get is little towns to defend with your defence tower and thats about it (or am I missing something?).

So suggestions:

-Siege Battles in skirmish modes.

-Day/Night cycle (That'd be so cool 'innit?).

-Auxillary troops can build tents and setup camp so your troops
can rest and boost their stamina faster. Imagine you setup a camp in the middle of the night with torches outside the tent and someone abush your troops? Cool eh? :rolleyes:

-A very big map.

-More civs.

And that I think is very cool game. Especially in multiplayer.

What do you think?

A very cool game by the way.

2nd Mar 2003, 02:44
Good suggestions. I've only played the demo, but I was thinking how good it would be to have a fortress in the middle of a skirmish map and have all sides battle for control of it. It would be hard to get the balance right because the controlling team would have a big advantage, but it would be great fun.

Edit: Or maybe a whole game mode that involves taking control of a fortress and holding off attackers for a certain amount of time. I guess you might be able to replay the campaign sieges for this, though.

2nd Mar 2003, 03:02
and you could add 45 foot tall giant flame thrower toting alien monster werehamsters from the planet gabzoo , CHALIAIASAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJA KALOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Mar 2003, 12:22
great ideas! heres a few more....

...maybe huge maps with 2 or 3 fortresses in the skirmish mode, with several villages outside. players will each strengthen their own fortress and try to control villages outside and recruit more soldiers. this is fair for all players.

you may play defensive and wait for a siege, but it can be costly as theres only one village inside the fortress. an option is to attack a fortress, or settle everything on the field, or retreat to one's fortress when opposing sides have been devastated by losses.

part of the strategy would be to burn villages to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. this would make cohort survival an ultimate concern. if most villages are burned, there is serious limitations in refitting troops.

we could have a situation where a fort is being defended to the last few brave men.....this is so great!!!!

there could also be morale or psychological factors, just like in other games, where weak and leaderless troops might surrender under heavy fire, unless pulled out or aided.

to Eidos and Pyro studios....please...please...please make this a dream come true !!!

3rd Mar 2003, 09:41
a map editor , even if its just for skirmish maps so that we can add seiges :p

the game is so near perfect, this would just put the icing on the cake :D

please release it!! :p

4th Mar 2003, 00:03
hmmm how bout a strategy map? so you can actually know who your attacking? (ala medieval:total war :p)