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1st Mar 2003, 18:58
I have some designs for a stained glass texture I want to use in game but don't know how to create one. It's for a hammer cathedral. What programs should I use to make a nice looking stained glass texture like those in Thief 2?

1st Mar 2003, 19:25
Adobe Photoshop (http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/) is what I use for graphics editing. To do a stained glass window you're probably going to want to play around with lighting effects to create that "lit texture" look. Can't give you much help beyond that since I've never done one.

1st Mar 2003, 19:27
From what I know, Photoshop or Corel Paint are the best ways to go -they're not cheap, though. I use MGI Photosuite for reskinning and changes to the faces and it seems to work just as well.

1st Mar 2003, 19:36
My problem is I don't know where to begin making one... I have a few programs but don't know how I would create a texture, I'm not a very good artist but I think I could do it with a computer program.

1st Mar 2003, 19:42
My suggestion is to start from an already created stained glass window. Fiddle with it, take it apart some, see what you can do (get comfortable with your program and what you can do with it). Make a custom window from that one, and after all issues are pretty much resolved, you can start playing with making your own. On ttlg, there is a member named Targa, she does excellent custom objects - maybe she can help.