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Mista Sinista
1st Mar 2003, 16:34
Is it just me, or are the characters and levels absolutely brilliant in this game? I mean, better than ts2. I've never played ts1 but i'm looking at screens, like the zombies, and there are so many more varied wicked characters, unlike ts2's 100 military ppl, and 26 other characters lmao.

4th Mar 2003, 08:28
I've seen all of the screens from TS1 and I have to say, they look ugly! Then I saw TS2, ahhh good player models. I've only played TS1 once, but it was on a projection tv so it didn't look very good.

5th Mar 2003, 04:23
I own both games and both rank high on performance. Ts1 for starters is one of the most finely tuned games of its kind. It has so many options its not even funny. The four-player multi lags at parts but not often. The single-player levels are numaris but don't have much depth (but thats ok). The characters are great in both games but Ts2 has more (about 2x more) but the options in Ts1 just rule!

You could have a team match in almost all the things. unlike Ts2 in which you have the preset ones. Although Ts2 has more modes like virus.

All in all, Ts1 is about the same as Ts2 if you see what they both have to offer.

25th Apr 2003, 14:50
I to own both games. TimeSplitters 1 was excellent in it's day. If you cant get ts2, then this is deffinitly the next best thing. But if you like the missions, dont even bother with ts1. All the "missions" are just start at point A, go to pointB, pick up object at point B, bring it back to point A. The story line and mission objectives in ts2 are just brilliant. Best "Ive seen in a while.