View Full Version : It just won't work

28th Feb 2003, 21:06
Our system crashed recently and we now have it running again, startopia worked just fine on our old system however we have now upgraded the hard drive and the OS btu when i installed startopia and ran it, it crashed just after loading i tried everything i could think of and nothing worked. Does someone have an answer??????????????:mad:

28th Feb 2003, 21:10
Get the patch. Get the latest drivers for your video/sound cards.

1st Mar 2003, 12:55
i tried the patch and startopia loads up in a window then a dialogue box loads up saying could not find a direct 3d device when i press OK another box loads saying Initialisation error: unrecognised error: 0x81000004. Then another dialouge box loads up saying could not find a compatible 3d device now THAT'S what i call an error. See ya!!

2nd Mar 2003, 00:38
Update your video card drivers THEN update Startopia.