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28th Feb 2003, 04:47
Hello , this is a list of uses for the units for rome, I hope it helps ,it was made by <superdroideka@hotmail.com>
if you would like to add a list for the Gauls or egypt, feel free to post here, again, I hope it helps , and thank Superdroideka for making it, here it is:

Roman units

pros: disciplined and tough infantry. One squad contains 30 soldiers.
cons: no really tough cavalry
1: Auxiliary infantry
Units used to build garrisons, towers and siege weapons.
They aren't good fighters.
2: Legionaires
Stong melee fighters. They can be used to fight weak infantry
like slaves. Legionaires are also good vs pikeman and they
can defend archres from melee warriors.
Their special attack is Pilum: the legionairies throw javelins at incoming enemies.
Legionaires can use the turtle formation which makes them slow but almost invulnerable from arrows.
How to counter turtle formation? Move your archers to water or attack the turtle with melee warriors.
3: Spearmen
Spearmen's main purpose is to fight melee cavalry.
They are very effective against them if they use the stationary formation.
Spearmen can be used to protect archers.
4: Archers
Archers are great support units. They can use burning arrows to destroy buildings.
You should always keep them behind melee troops.
Archers can be used to defeat mounted bowmen too!
How to protect them from cavalry? Place spearmen in front of them or flee to the trees when
cavalry approaches.
5: Equites
Equites are melee cavalry units. They are strong versus archers and auxiliary infantry.
Equites cannot win from strong melee fighters and pikemen.
Never use them for frontal assaults. They are best used to attack archers when your infantry is fighting
enemy infantry.
6: Mounted bowmen
They are very useful for hit and run attacks. Just like foot archers, you should avoid contact with
melee troops.
7: Balearic slingers
Balearic slingers are a more expensive and tougher version of foot achers.
Note that they are slingers so they cannot put things on fire!
8: Gladiators
Gladiators aren't as strong as Praetorians or Barbarian Berserkers but their special attack
(net throw) makes them useful to prevent archers from fleeing. Units caught in a net can easily be killed.
9: Praetorians
Praetorians are extremely powerful melee troopers. Use them to aid legionairies against melee warriors.
The only thing they are afraid of are archers using hit and run attacks.
10: Physician
Physicians are the Roman healers. They should always be supporting your army.
11: Centurion
Centurions are the Roman officers. They recruit soldiers and give a bonus to your soldiers.

28th Feb 2003, 17:36
Yo Dharkbayne,

Thanks for all the information,

I am sure the citezens of rome will appreciate all your Hard work.


28th Feb 2003, 18:17
I'll write a Gaul guide too this weekend!

1st Mar 2003, 01:02
cool, thanks superdroideka, :)

4th Mar 2003, 14:20
Well, I'll give ya a barbarian overview:

Infantry: tough, but expensive and, due the franciscas being slightly worse than pila, not as combat effective as roman auxiliary infantry. As catapults and other siege engines use the same number of infantry to man them, this actually means that siege machines are expensier for the barbarians.

Warriors: the toughest standard infantry. They can deal and suffer lots of damage. In big numbers they are the masters of the open battle due their speed and power. Throwing balls can be a treat when pursuing a fleeing enemy.

Spearmen: as they are just 16 men, they do not form such an extended line as the roman spearmen when stationary, but are far tougher.

Bowmen: mixed with warriors, they form the best 'easy' army. They both travel at the same (high) speed, and the combination of missile fire and heavy melee damage is the simplest 'combined arms' army.

Noblemen: the best standard cavalry, they are not as quick as the equites, and teh are as vulnerable to spears and arrows. They can defeat almost any unit on their own. As every kind of cavalry, its main disavantage lies in its inability to enter forests (and thus, they are very vulnerable to ambushed archers)

Mounted Bowmen: an often overlooked unit, in open spaces can be a hell for a infantry based enemy. Run, attack, run, repeat ad nauseam. In MP, supporting your fellow commanders, can be devastating.

Hunters: they are exceptional ranged units and can stand their own, when enough energy is avalaible, in melee vs almost any unit. Their ambush ability, although letal, is very hard to use, tough.

Berserkers: this kind of unit excels when fighting large masses of foot enemies. They are 'mob' killers, and will dispatch, with ease, up to 2 legionary troops or 4 soldier troops. Bad choice when fighting cavalry, gladiators, praetorians and ranged troops, tough.

German Cavalry: the best cavalry unit, they can enter forests and deal enormous ammounts of damage to any kind of unit. As always, they are vulnerable to spears and lances, but, as they can enter forests, this is a lesser issue. Bad choice when fighting outnumbered, or versus praetorians.

Druid: good healer, blinded troops will be unable to use missile weapons. Hard to use, but very usefull if you manage to.

Chief: the mana steal can be a pain in the arse to your enemies. Hordes of barbarian warriors with a high level chief will do an absurd amount of damage.

Hope it helps.

Lt. Kerensky

4th Mar 2003, 16:29
Nice Barbarian guide!
Here is something for the Egyptians

Slaves: They are very cheap and are built very fast. They build your siege weapons, garrisons and watchtowers.

Soldiers: Soldiers are the cheapest but also the weakest standard infantry. These guys are the backbone of the Egyptian army. The Egyptians don't have "super-infantry" like Praetorians or Berserkers so you'll have to rely on soldiers.

Guardsmen: Just like the Barbarians, there are only 16 of these cavalry-killers in a squad. They are cheap and fragile like almost every Egyptian unit.

Archers: Because Egyptian infantry is weak, you'll need lots of these to support them. They are extremely fragile so don't allow enemy melee warriors to reach them!

Camel riders: They are the basic Egyptian cavalry, good vs archers but weak vs strong infantry.

Camel archers: Use them just like Roman and Barbarian mounted archers. If the enemy hasn't archers or melee cavalry, they will kill all his infantry in no time. Constantly use hit and run tactics.

Nubian archers: They are more expensive and stronger than standard archers. But they cannot defend themselves in melee combat.

Parthian cavalry: the best cavalry archers in the game. They can fire arrows when moving. This makes them extremely good for hit and run tactics.

Chariots: Chariots have more hitpoints than German Cavalry but one squad contains only 8 chariots. Use them to assist your melee infantry during the battle. Try to attack archers first and when the enemy archers are dead, attack in the rear of the enemy infantry.

Priests: Egyptian healers, use them to aid your soldiers during and after a battle.

Official: Officials are Egyptian officers. Their Mirage ability can confuse the enemy.

I hope everybody is pleased now.
Use the civilization that maches best with your favorite strategy.
Choose Rome if you like good and disciplined infantry, supported with the great Praetorians.
Choose the Barbarians if you like a combo of strong infantry and powerful cavarly or take Egypt if you like large armies of weak troops and great cavalry.

9th Mar 2003, 16:48
And Nubian Archers can fire poison arrows - a real pain to the enemy.

How does Hunter's Ambush work anyway? I can't seem to use it.

12th Mar 2003, 15:50

Can someone help me how to use "Ambush" option effectively?

Andrex Aurelius
12th Mar 2003, 16:36
Originally posted by DTRY

Can someone help me how to use "Ambush" option effectively?

Place your Hunters in a forest and wait until their Stamina regenerates to full. When it has, the Hunters will automatically go into Ambush mode and will attack enemies that walk over their position. When in Ambush mode Hunters become invisible to the enemy (except to Wolves) and deal much higher damage.

13th Mar 2003, 18:13
Wow, cool. Thanks. I'll try that.

Does it work in tall grass too?

14th Mar 2003, 06:54
Good job guys!!!

we really need a site with a strategy section to publish those interesting considerations in something else than a forum ... :(