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27th Feb 2003, 14:12
Trying to kill some time I glansed by the Devil May Cry 2 site. There was something a little bit off about it, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I noticed the numbers in the corner. "10%.... 50%... 80%". Reaching 100% I curiously clicked on it.

Oh the horror, the dread......... The world as I knew it was no more. They had sold Dante to the clothing industry!!! There he was in diesel reslim pants and his sidekick in open toe sandals.

"exclusively styled and designed by diesel, they lend a stylish look to our immortal devil slayers when tey're out fighting evil"

Is nothing sacred anymore? What now? Will TS buckle under the pressure?

27th Feb 2003, 15:48
My biggest video game hero of all time, and they dress him up in the stuff teens are made of. Why don't they just shoot us in the process??

The only hero left unscaved is...

..wait for it..

..Guybrush Threepwood! :p

27th Feb 2003, 17:23
Ahhh whatever happened to the Lucasarts point-and-click adventure??? Sam and Max Hit The Road is one of my all time favourite games...

Although... I really like my Diesel trainers... :eek:

28th Feb 2003, 08:08
Sam and Max is indeed a classic..

How 'bout a trip to Bumpusville, folks? :cool:

28th Feb 2003, 10:24
Or a nice relaxing game of CarBomb?!?

A trip to the world's largest ball of twine ought to be more up your street though eh kitten? ;):D

28th Feb 2003, 11:29
As long as you don't search my insides for a map, I'll be purring...
lol :rolleyes: