View Full Version : Desperate for answers

26th Feb 2003, 19:45
hey Dr Love since you seem to be the North American man in the know .. perhaps you can help . i have been working hard on a map in the editor . but when i save then go to skirmish mode to test it none of my non critical buildings or trains show on the map .. why is this and how can i fix ??????
i await reply with frazzeld mind

Dr. Love
26th Feb 2003, 21:25
Well, what you have to do is assign neutral buildings to a particular player, I believe it's #14, it's the highest number whatever that is.

26th Feb 2003, 22:36
i can see everything and the buildings are there ... trains are there as well but now troops cannot board the trains and i cannot move them ... any ideas?

Dr. Love
27th Feb 2003, 00:28
Well, you wouldn't be able to move them unless your troops were in all the cars, as I recall. I also remember there was a trick to getting the neutral trains to work in the editor, unfortunately our expert is gone now...I'll see if I can get you the info, but experiment for now.

27th Feb 2003, 02:38
i have tried a few things but i still cant get the troopes to get on board but when i set everything else at 14 i can see them on the map now . if you find out anything that would be great ... thanks again for the assist