View Full Version : *sigh* Oookay, how do I do this again...?

26th Feb 2003, 02:04
I had to re-install Thief 2. How do I get DromEd onto my system again...?

26th Feb 2003, 02:10
Patch Thief first.

Unzip Drom from disc one into the THIEF folder. Let it overwrite whatever it wants to.

Unzip Dromed. enh into the SAME folder, let it overwrite anything it wants to.

Unzip the KOMAG menus into the same folder, let it overwrite anything it wants to.

Add a few changes to .cfg if you want too, although the "16" texture bit is added by the enhanced Drom.

Add the camera, and User info in the .cfg.

Start Drom and have a ball. By that I mean, cuss, moan, tear your hair, ask uncounted questions on the forum, blow up your missions with a dumb error, and the usual Dromedite activities. :D LOL

26th Feb 2003, 02:37
This is how I did it.
1. Install Thief 2
2. Unzip Dromed from the CD to the Installed Thief2 Dir. letting it overwrite what ever it wants to.
3. Apply the Thief 2 patch.
4. Unzip Dromed ver 1.18 to the Thief2 Dir letting it overwrite what ever it wants to.
5. Add KOMAG menus, add changes to the .cfg files ect..

Then I copied the entire thief2 dir and sub-dirs to a folder call Thief-2Backup and also to a folder called Thief-2Design. I do all my design work in the Thief-2Design directory. If i ever need to re-install again I just copy everything over from my Thief-2Backup

26th Feb 2003, 03:19
There is a newer DromEd than comes with the original, unpatched Thief II?

Where can I get it?

26th Feb 2003, 03:40
Go here but be quick. (ttlg has hosting problems). Click on Getting Started. I am sure there are other places to get it but don’t have the address right now.

26th Feb 2003, 03:42