View Full Version : One more question....I hope

25th Feb 2003, 20:35
Umm, when you optimize and it tells you the last allocations (I don't really know what it means), is over 30,000 okay?? Or should I stop while I'm ahead?

26th Feb 2003, 22:09
I found the answer in the TTLG forum under search. I think I will cut my mission to three-quarters of it and make it two missions instead.

27th Feb 2003, 03:25
When you optimize allocations comes up *three* times. Only the first one should matter (whether it's over 30,000) or not.
Calendra's Legacy for example (friggin' huge) reads out (nb. this is just allocations):
(after cells) 25,723
(after vertices) 164,961
(after Merges) 95,117

If you are at a limit, DromEd will either tell you directly (eg. error: too many cells when you try to optimize) or it'll come up with an error when you try to load your mission (regarding hitting limits, it doesn't tell you you've screwed your mission when you save, only when you load it, thus the importance of a few spare save files)

27th Feb 2003, 15:40
What are allocations? And how do I lower their initial number?

27th Feb 2003, 20:32
Allocation means to allot or assign, so I would guess it has to do with how many different areas are assigned to a specific item (a wall, a torch, a person, etc). Other than that theory, I am clueless.