View Full Version : Crash to Desktop before Trail Of Blood

25th Feb 2003, 20:07
Just before the mission loads, ToB crashes to by desktop. I have a very bad feeling that this has happened to me before and I had to re-install Thief... Please don't say that. B/c I just downloaded Dedx and I have my own DromEd files... What went wrong???

25th Feb 2003, 22:05
Well, if you have the space, do what a lot of us do and run your "playable" Thief from one directory and do your DromEditing from another. Just reinstall Thief II to another directory and move your saves over, and use the one your using now for DromEditing.

25th Feb 2003, 22:23
Actually, I'm just going to Copy all my DromEd files (only a bunch of .mis files that are tiny) to another file and then copy my Menus and Dark (is that right, or is it the User?) config to the file too. And then finally the DedX.zip file. That way I won't lose any info. Oh yeah, and all by Saves. :) But the question is: Do I need to re-install Thief 2?

25th Feb 2003, 22:35
I would copy the following:

1. Any folders Thief II didn't install for you (i.e., your DromEd stuff)
2. Any other things your FM(s) might reference
3. dark.GAM
4. user.CFG
5. menus.CFG
6. dromed.CFG
7. install.CFG (only if you have the game running from HDD only)
8. all .MIS and .GAM files created by you, as well as (just in case) p_portal.cow and backup.MIS
9. all saves and keybindings

That's all I can think of off the top of my head (I'm on a different computer right now because I knocked mine [I'm on a school craptop right now] off the network trying to put in a soundcard [killed my IP] and I have to wait for my new 120 GB HDD to come in so I can use it as my C:\ drive and not have to lose everything on my present C:\ drive when I reinstall Windows). Hope it works!

PS - Yes, I would save your stuff, then go ahead and delete your Thief II directory (or, to be safer, just rename it) and then do a reinstall.

And think about that "Thief directory vs. DromEd directory" thing, too... :D

25th Feb 2003, 23:26
Does it crash when loading any prior save (before the last one before ToB)? It could be a corrupted save so you have to load the one prior to that one.

26th Feb 2003, 00:41
I'll check, but I think I have to re-load since this has happened 2 or 3 times before. :mad: I need to copy:
1. Any folders Thief II didn't install for me [My DromEd stuff]
<s>2. Any other things your FM(s) might reference</s> [They should contain all their own info]
<s>3. dark.GAM</s> [I haven't edited this, and I use the DedX one for DromEd]
4. user.CFG
5. menus.CFG
6. dromed.CFG
7. install.CFG [HDD means HarDDrive right? I need the CD to run it...]
<s>8. all .MIS and .GAM files created by you, as well as (just in case) p_portal.cow and backup.MIS </s> [All in my DromEd files]
9. all saves and keybindings [I forgot about keybindings!]

26th Feb 2003, 03:00
Could Thief P|$$ me off any more! Now when I click "Continue" on the briefing page (before the level loads, but after the movie), all I get is a black screen! Grrrrrrrr!!! :mad:

26th Feb 2003, 03:16
Did you just delete your Thief II directory, or did you do a complete uninstall/registry wipe (in which case the entry for Thief II should disappear from your Add/Remove Programs list)?

Did you install in the default directory (C:\Program Files\Thief2)? Do either Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Esc work, or is it frozen completely?

If you didn't install Thief II in the default directory, try uninstalling and doing so.

If you did, try uninstalling and not doing so.

<small>[edit: when your starting a new mission crashes - are you starting a new mission from the new install? or are you trying to load your old save? if it's the save, it might be the save, not the install, that's messing you up (if so, crud)]</small>

26th Feb 2003, 14:26
Yes I uninstalled it. Okay: I play Thief 2 and go to "Saves", where I think click my "Courier 13:08", which is just after I finished that mission (the Stats screen). Then I clicked continue, watched the in-between movie, then the briefing, then I read the objectives. I clicked "Continue" and it either freezes, loads (but comes up with a black screen WITH only the mouse showing, or it crashes to the desktop). I repeat, but start at an earlier save ("Courier 8:37") and play the mission, finish it, do everything the same, including somehow crashing the game. I've said enough bad words for now, so I just said some more bad words and decided to cheat a little. I know it's frowned upon and I HATE to do this, but considering that nothing else works... I edited the Dark (or is it User?) config and took the ; off the Life of the Party mission so if I start a new game, I start there. I also took the ; off the starting loot and gave myself 1000 loot (which I garuntee that I would have gotten in ToB).

26th Feb 2003, 15:07
Once a save gets corrupted, I've seen where future saves are screwed up, too. I had a save that when loaded could cause a crash in the game at a certain spot, so I didn't go there, went onto the next mission, did a save in there and that save was even more corrupted than the prior one. Something didn't get reset correctly from the prior save and continued to cause problems later.

Try this. Load Thief and start afresh from the very first mission. Do NOT start from a save. Does the first mission play okay? If so, do a save, reload it and check if the mission continues to play okay. Now start afresh again (don't use the save) and use Shift-Ctrl-Alt-End to abort the first mission and proceed to the 2nd mission and check if the mission plays okay (after the loadout screen). Continue on up to Trail of Blood, see if it plays okay (you haven't used a save at any point so far). Then do a save in that mission, reload it, and see if it plays okay.

There is another way of quickly getting up to a mission to have it be the first one loaded when you start afresh within Thief. Edit the user.cfg file to uncomment whichever mission you want to start at. However, I'd still try just doing a fresh start on the normally first mission just to be sure the game plays okay, then edit the .cfg file and bounce up to the troublesome mission or the one before it.

And do this testing with only a default install of Thief - BEFORE you start sliding the saves directories, config files, and whatever constitutes DedX back into the Thief install. Don't even try using Darkloader when testing. Do a pure install (into a different path than before or uninstall the prior copy and make sure to delete the directory) and test using only that.

Are you starting Thief using its own shortcut? Or are you starting Thief by using Darkloader?

Are you changing the video resolution when you play Thief? That is, are you playing Thief in a different video resolution than what is used for the Windows desktop? If you are switching video resolution, have you verified your video driver and monitor run okay at the other resolution? You should use the Display applet to run through every video resolution that your video card and monitor support to ensure that the screen gets painted okay, that the card and monitor support them all, and that you aren't calibrated at a spot where sync is iffy (increase and decrease the vertical and horizontal sizing in each resolution to make sure you aren't close to a switch-over point in the sync circuits). Often the same refresh rate (Hz) is used across all resolutions, so don't pick 120Hz at 640x480 if you are switching to 1024x768 or higher which doesn't support that high refresh rate. I just leave mine at 75Hz for all of them.