View Full Version : Playing Praetorians online: Options and issues

25th Feb 2003, 06:33
Shall we be playing online in Gamespy? Where else? Because I have some issues.

The last time I was playing in Gamespy, I didnt like the fact that your online playing name can't be yours exclusive. I actually made a querry and comment on that but wasnt given satisfactory answers. Have they changed this registration system now? Will online play there be for free or for a fee?

Allowing multiple similar names does not do well for competetive ladder play in the site, and it would be tough to root out or avoid misbehaving players.

The MS Zone is a site where we can have our playing names exclusive to us. I hope Praetorians would also be available in the Zone.

Also, the best things in life are better when free, that's why I want online play to be without any fees.

Those of you with ideas for Praetorians clans and communities, please make that a reality. Playing directly by IP should always be a good option, with the coordination offered by clans and communities, Yahoo messenger and ICQ.

Online gaming is fast becoming an alternative professional career, so let's be serious about this, ok. lol

Any other suggestions?