View Full Version : Note to devs, for a patch maybe

24th Feb 2003, 19:56
I have a few suggestions for the game for a patch, since the game is too finished to change anything now, but I was wondering if you could make it so you can abandon catapaults and ballistas and stuff, and if the ppl who were pulling the catapault could repair it if they were not in a battle, and if you could make the legionaries and the praetorians a little weaker or make the praetorians harder to get(ie like taking longer to create or more honor points needed or put a limit on how many you can make ie the scouts and physicians) because they are very unbalanced, making everyone play the romans, and making the multiplayer experience much less fun, ok, thats it, I hope the devs read this , thanks , Dharkbayne, out. :) :D

25th Feb 2003, 07:14
I have to agree with that. Romans seem a bit overpowered right now.

25th Feb 2003, 13:20
No way, romans have a lot of shortcomings, compared to other civs.

First of all, they are generally slower, esp when compared to gauls. And they are more difficult to maneuver.

Gauls are generally stronger, while egyptians grow like rabbits, much faster than the other two.

Granted, if you like the turtle formation you need the romans, but there are other ways to play.

26th Feb 2003, 02:25
everyone uses the romans, and just swarms legionaries on you, you cant fight them with the other civs, egypt is too weak and an entire army will die quickly, and there are too few barbarians, and by the time u have half and army, there are 5 legionaires attacking your base. So, the romans are too inbalanced, either make the romans a little weaker, or the other races stronger,

26th Feb 2003, 03:53
I don't think the legionaries are all that effective, personally. They're good against archers, but the right unit can take them down. When I was playing a skirmish against the computer, I used a lot of legionaries, but I was massacred by the Egyptians. I think the Roman Praetorians are a little too powerful, maybe. Four squads of them can basically march across the map and take down anything that come their way. Although I was playing on Easy. :D

26th Feb 2003, 07:28
I've played many multiplayer games and I haven't noticed that romans are the most used race. Egypcians seem a little weak to me though

26th Feb 2003, 08:48
A group of about ten gaul warriors with some bowmen and war machines would cut through your legions like butter. And I'm not thinking about troops requiring honor points. I cringe when I think about the massacre that just three berserker troops could inflinge to three times as many roman legions.

The thing about egyptians is that you have to overpower your opponent in numbers. Ok, egyptians troops are weak, but there are a LOT of them. Think about Starcraft zerlings.
Also, don't forget archers. Both gaul and egyptian archers are a lot faster than roman's. You can use hit'n'run tactics, especially from advantageous terrain.