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24th Feb 2003, 19:32
While waiting for the game, I tame myself by reading from these links. (Please cut and paste)

1. A very nice and detailed summary of Gallic Wars, with nice maps too. The site is for Julius Caesar, with lots of other readings about him and his times:


2. The full text of the English translation of Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar. Open per book. It takes you back in time:


3. Nice and easy reading backgrounders on roman military. With lots and lots of links - a mountain of resources on Roman army, legions and warfare. You can't finish this, but keep trying. lol:


4. Concise and thorough articles on Roman army and tactics. And the home site (www.roman-empire.net) has lots to great things about Ancient Rome. The forum here is very much alive, but the huge files were recently erased, unfortunately. But they're piling up fast again. There's lots of Romans here! lol:



Senatus Populusque Romanus!

John Carter
25th Feb 2003, 02:18
Good reading, thanks!