View Full Version : So can we get Yuna's tiny bee gun too?

21st Mar 2013, 20:42
I found out that SE is going to included FFX-2 into FFX HD. Which makes me super happy. Both will be international editions, but I was wondering will this open up the door to rerelease Yuna's Tiny Bee Gun Controllers? It can have regular dualshock 3 function or PS move function. Only JPN got a chance to get it for the ps2 functioning as dualshock 2 and it is extremely hard/rare to get.

www.destructoid.com/final-fantasy-x-hd-d... (http://www.destructoid.com/final-fantasy-x-hd-doubles-up-on-ps3-and-gets-x-2-249101.phtml)

I wonder if this FFX HD collection does well will they consider making a FFX-0 so we can play Auron, Jecht, and Brasca story.