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24th Feb 2003, 03:07
I just finished Blood Rayne. I just want to know who the hell writes a game about a vampire fighting nazis where you spend most of your time finding batteries or running around in a nazi mech in the 1940s. The only "good" thing bout this game was the bouncing butcheress, which isn't saying much. I just wasted 6 hours of my life. :(

Umah Bloodomen
24th Feb 2003, 03:40
Looks like I will be waiting for this to hit the greatest hit status as well. ;)

24th Feb 2003, 03:59
I liked it well enough--but, then, I have no taste... http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/vestieri/shy4.gif

Nah, it wasn't the best game ever, but it was certainly far from the worst I've played.

Lady Kreliana
24th Feb 2003, 04:29
I keep hearing a lot of mixed reviews about Blood Rayne. I'll have to rent the game sometime. It doesn't look like it'd be a very good game.

24th Feb 2003, 04:50
Likewise Lady Kreliana; Blinc liked the game, and I've heard mostly "It's ok" reviews----I just have a hard time reconciling the whole "Half-vampire hottie fighting Nazis and mutants"....for some reason, the game just doesn't say "Come play me!"

I think I'll just hold out for Primal, then the Lost, then Killer 7 and the Wallace and Gromit game.

24th Feb 2003, 04:57
It's definitely a comic book style game, by which I mean it shouldn't be taken too seriously. That's not a bad thing. If you're the kind of person that nitpicks details and can't stand something like Blade II, you probably won't like Bloodrayne though.

OTOH, I thought it was a LOT of fun to play. It's got as much visual style going for it as DMC (although in different ways), and I really like the control scheme. If I'd had a chance to play it when it first came out, I would have bought it at full price and been happy with that. As is, I saved $20 and consider that a bargain.

I really don't think it's fair to say you spend a lot of time finding things like batteries, and there is only *one* level that involves a mech. Bloodrayne throws enemies at you faster than almost any other game I own, and lets you use three weapons against them simultaneously (arm blades + a gun in each hand).

Anyhow, I would recommend anyone who is interested in vampire games at least give this a try. I really, really liked it. I hope there's a sequel too =P.

24th Feb 2003, 06:40
Well to make it even worse, I was playing Medal of Honor. Where you fight nazis. Then I rented Blood Rayne. Where you fight nazis. Them damn nazis, they're always causing problems! ~shakes fist~

The only thing that seemed well rendered was Rayne and everything else seemed all blocky.

The game just felt like a couple of guys sitting around thought they'd make a vampire game.. and lets make her some really hot redhead.. cause everyone loves redheads.. she'll bounce right? Of course she'll bounce.. she is hot right.. oh.. and she'll kick everyone's @#% and have an attitude.. yeah that's it.. she'll curse and flip people off.. what about the story.. uh.. i dunno.. maybe she can fight nazis or something.. sounds good to me..

i mean really.. batteries.. mechs.. telephone lines.. searching for dynomite.. and running around killing nazis and wanna be Alien spider rip offs.. wtf

I'll agree with you that it was fun killing off 30 some guys at a time.. but even that got old after a while.

i didn't have the manual and couldn't find any information online worth anything.. but there didn't seem to be any real type of special moves just random attacking.. and every once in a while she'd do some one move kill.. the "power ups" were odd and were just thrown in whenever and didn't really give you much information on what they did.. just made you stronger or something.. no logic to it.. just hey.. something powered up..

The plot was just plan weird.. I'm still not sure why they were going on bout the other parts of what they were collecting and then all they that was needed was the one part.. it was like.. uh

24th Feb 2003, 07:40
See, that's what I'm talking about. You're just the wrong type of person for this game =).

Here's why I loved Bloodrayne:

- The main character is a pretty redhead
- She's a vampire
- She hunts Nazis
- She has a ton of weapons, and can use three at once
- She swipes a Nazi mech that couldn't possibly have existed
- She's got a bad attitude
- The whole thing has excellent visual style
- It wasn't incredibly (*&%)#(*&%#&%#)%&#(*%& difficult like DMC

Which is pretty much why you *didn't* love it =P.

BTW, there are a ton of special moves. The game even teaches you how to use them as you go. Most of them get used when you switch to the bloodrage mode, but there are many in normal mode too. I just button mashed since I'm too lazy to learn button combinations in any game.

Conversely, I have just about no interest in playing something like MoH. I can't have fun playing a game (or watching a film) about something as serious as the WWII era unless it's basically a comic book characterization of it, like this game or the Indiana Jones movies. The reality of the Nazis and the rest of WWII is just too terrible.

I also really liked the music in Bloodrayne. The only thing I thought was a little subpar was the voice acting, but it's no worse than any other mainstream game that isn't LoK or Eternal Darkness.

Umah Bloodomen
24th Feb 2003, 07:47
Hey, I don't hear you describing Indy as pretty. :D

24th Feb 2003, 07:48

Don't knock the button-mashing approach :D Sometimes it's even better than learning all the combos ;)

24th Feb 2003, 20:11
i liked the demo, i play on getting the full game:D


Apocrypha Roxy
2nd Mar 2003, 21:23
I played it...

I played it about 5 times...

Got all the programmer's codes...

All in all it was good fun. Sure, let's blame it all on the Nazis... they're a good enough scapegoat. Although I'd love to see a game set in the late 80's - 1991 in the USSR. Go trekking through Russia, underground bases, the Berlin Wall, etc. That would be neat'o-frito.

Unfortunately for me, I have a tendency to finish games too quickly - hence playing it about 5 times (not including BO2 about 5 times, SR2 about 10 times, Dead to Rights - helping my sister - took me about 3 minutes to beat Fahook and the other dude in the gas chamber, etc etc etc).

Everyone I know complains I finish games too quickly - 'we can't buy you anythig anymore!!' :D

But I have Dark Angel:Vampire Apocalypse. That ought to keep me busy for a while. It's actually quite good!

If anyone is interested, I finished a huge fanfic involving a few forum members, myself, and the LoK crew. It's at ff.net. The first 13 chapters are up - I have to do the HTML for the rest. Hope you like it. WARNING: The fic is a parody, and they're pretty much OOC - but that makes it all the more fun, right? :D

Grey Mouser
4th Mar 2003, 17:49
Finished BloodRayne myself last night. Brief observations:

I enjoyed it as a bit of fluff, not to be taken too seriously. It was clear to me that the developers did not want you to take this game too seriously; A sort of natural evolution of the Tomb Raider genre, with corsets, blood and dismemberments galore in place of puzzle-solving-treasure-raiding and monkey-slaying.

Rayne is a sort of distilled version of Lara in some ways, with a Definite Attitude about everything. I think there were only perhaps 2 or 3 characters in the entire game that I did not kill...so many Nazi's to feed on!

I liked the game engine, it lended itself to 3rd person combat pretty well. Multiple simultaneous targetted attacks were easy to pull off and pretty cool to watch.

I recommend a rent before buy to see if you like it (and it gets better after the first level), or pick up in the bargain bin in a short while.

Umah Bloodomen
5th Mar 2003, 01:27
Originally posted by Grey Mouser

A sort of natural evolution of the Tomb Raider genre, with corsets, blood and dismemberments galore in place of puzzle-solving-treasure-raiding and monkey-slaying.


I recommend a rent before buy to see if you like it (and it gets better after the first level), or pick up in the bargain bin in a short while.

Hey, don't knock the corsets, blood and dismemberments, Grey one. :p ;) :D

Overall you have presented another pretty objective review, getting to both the good and the bad while comparing it to a TR genré game. (Although I must confess, I am not much of a TR fan ***hides***)

I think I will still wait for it to hit the greatest hit status. That way I won't really be that upset if I end up loathing it.

Apocrypha Roxy
5th Mar 2003, 02:26
I got mine as a pre-owned version for $35 when it was going for $50. I would have rented, but Blockbuster was all out of them - as well as Vice City, and countless other new games. They had like 12 copies of the game, and all were GONE.

(At least I saved some $$$ to buy another game...cheapskate that I be...)

Umah Bloodomen
5th Mar 2003, 02:35
I was thinking more along the lines of the $20 or below dollar range myself. :p

Apocrypha Roxy
5th Mar 2003, 02:50
Wow, Umah, you really ARE a pinchpenny, ain'tcha? :D

I'd never go above the 30$ line, but I wanted the game really badly, so I got it. I figure in a month or so it will be even lower (I think I got it for Christmas for myself - that's right, I bought my self a present for Chrismas - wrapped it and everything!)

Hmm, I wonder what this could be? Wow, whoever got this for me has great taste!

(I know how to shop for myself...):p

Umah Bloodomen
5th Mar 2003, 02:56
No not really. I figure if I can save the extra dollars on an apparently crappy video game that means the more money I have for vacations and expensive computer programs for my independent web ventures.

Apocrypha Roxy
5th Mar 2003, 03:07
Ah, you have a point! A sharp one, at that...

Forgive the oversight. The minute I get my 35-40$ from babysitting, I anticipate the trip to the mall (ALLL the way over the bridge). My money won't last that long in Hot Topic. Can never have too many black t-shirts... I don't get out much, as you can see...

(the pinchpenny thing was a joke - i'd never accuse anyone of being cheap - especially cheaper than my dad... sheesh):D

Grey Mouser
5th Mar 2003, 20:05
Originally posted by Umah Bloodomen
Hey, don't knock the corsets, blood and dismemberments, Grey one. :p ;) :D

Who's knocking 'em?? :D

I'll confess to a major weakness for Betty Page too... ;)

Apocrypha Roxy
5th Mar 2003, 20:36

I always wanted a corset... like the one Nicole Kidman wore in Moulin Rouge. Of course, I'd have to find one that actually fits around my chubby self... :eek: :D

I say we force-feed chocolate chip cookies to everyone under a size 5... grow some meat, at least!:rolleyes:

Persephone Coorhagen
11th Mar 2003, 00:57
My brother liked the game allot. That's not really saying much. But I watched him play it and I have to admit, Rayne is a badass. Although, her costume is quite a misfit for the era and her lines SUCK through a straw. And WHAT is up with those ribbons in her hair? My bro seems to think that they're to resemble pig tails, to make her look sexy. It seems to be pretty much all game play, and cool game play at that. I've got nothing against brainless hack and slash. It doesn't make a masterpiece, but it's just a game. Seriously, if I want to vent out my frustrations I don't reach for LOK or RE. Sometimes, I just don't wanna think. Although, at the same time, i don't want to play something so stupid it makes me even more pissed off. But that's just me.
And btw, corsets rock! Especially if you have bad posture, like me. :D

Apocrypha Roxy
11th Mar 2003, 01:46
BloodRayne was fun in the sense that it was just to have FUN. Hack a few here, slash a few there, slurp some blood along the way. And play with Panzershreks. Can't forget that last bit...

Good way to vent anger at a report card too...

"Take that, Pre-Calc! HAH!" -whackwhackwhack!!!-