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22nd Feb 2003, 23:58
Okay people i need some help here, why the &&*^%$ cant i log into games online.

i have cable modem behind a router (netgear RT314) and i cant see or view any games online....




23rd Feb 2003, 00:07
router is the problem.......

23rd Feb 2003, 04:48
get gamespy, the game does not have an onboard server browser, u have to get gamespy and find servers that way

23rd Feb 2003, 11:03
i have got gamespy and have sat for three days getting help from the little [help]avatar...... Dharkbayne.

I tried changing my settings for the router, to give me a static IP address curtlegion, but it still didnt work...

shame, i would have been so good at this online... :(

23rd Feb 2003, 14:12
Other games work OK for you on Gamespy, right? Just checking.

Also, make sure over in the left hand menu under Praetorians does it say "Not installed" or something there? If so, click on it and choose scan so it will find the game.

That's the only small problem I had so good luck.

23rd Feb 2003, 23:25
na, its installed according to gamespy..

but something is stopping it access the web.

its a pity, first taste of this game online, and it bloody doesnt work...

so i have uninstalled the bugger!

cheers min...

24th Feb 2003, 02:21
You need to config your router so that it redirects DirectPlay ports to your computer. Try with ports 2300-2400 and 47624.

24th Feb 2003, 10:48
i tried that from the chappie at gamespy.

first thing he told me to do.... and like i said i did it...

reconfigured router. NO joy.

EIDOS look at the NETCODE for your demo..... it sucs

26th Feb 2003, 21:40
have u tried going through just your modem (yea i know then hes not behind a firewall bad bad etc.. ) but just for playing this gaem you could prolly just put the network cord from your comptuer directly into your modem (make sure you have it in the right slot thing) reboot and it should work

oh and don't be mad at Eidios for the netcode itself, be mad they picked Gamespy as the middleman...

and doesn't the term "netcode" refer to just the programmed code (in the game) that tells it what to do when you are playing some over the net, it doesn't really have anytyhing to do with Gamespy does it?

3rd Mar 2003, 16:26
EIDOS look at the NETCODE for your demo..... it sucs [/B]

There is nothing wrong with the netcode as long as your system allows the traffic to pass thru the router properly.

If you have been able to play the `skirmish` game without any problems then it is definitely your router which is stopping the traffic. How to fix that? i dont know there are loads of routers/configurations out there :)

Am sure once you've got the router configured correctly for Praetorians/Gamespy you'll love the game :)

3rd Mar 2003, 17:09
"I tried changing my settings for the router, to give me a static IP address curtlegion, but it still didnt work... "

Qouting myself here.... ^^^^^

like i said i have changed ALL my settings for the router and still no JOY.........

3rd Mar 2003, 17:11
You are able to play Skirmish mode tho yeh? (just checking)

there has to be something somewhere on your router which is blocking the ports needed for Praetorians.

3rd Mar 2003, 23:24
i have opened the ports that this game requires....

23rd Mar 2003, 04:15
Alright i have the same problem as this guy my router is a DI-704P

tried all configurations all different ways dmz on dmz off etc.. no love ofcourse im sure i could just disconnect the router and play its not the point i have 2 computers and its a pain in the butt if anyone has any suggestions how to do get this game with the above router it would be helpful:)

13th Apr 2003, 21:42
There are some bugs with the online game - I have no router and I cant play online either whether using gamespy or IP - I see the games but can't connect. I can play skirmish - I have re-installed etc.

14th Apr 2003, 13:34
are you using windows xp. if so the built in firewall may be the problam

14th Apr 2003, 13:41
win98se - so that's not the problem.

23rd May 2003, 03:29
Ok, ok, the netcode is the problem, im through a wireless ADSL connection, I also have 2 pcs on my network and i use Nextnet acces point (wireless) connected to the hub like it must be for the internet service.
I suppose that my isp is using a router, They gave me an internal (virtual) IP something like:127. x. x. x. etc. This is for the ISP network I told them about the problems i have, and they gave me 2 static IPs for me , everytime i turn on every computer They always use the same IP (one is different to the other of course). Now im using static ips.

I opened the ports, disabled zonealarm, and disabled the XP built in Firewall. I have the administrators right, etc.

I can play single player, campaigns, skirmish, etc.
I can connect to game spy, i can join lobbies, but
I cant connect to any game on the internet.
I tried IP game, both hosting and joining didnt work.
I have the last patch 1.04

The only way i can play its on my network with my virtual IPS 127. x. x. x. , It finds the game and i can join, but if i try to join from the external IPS 200. x. x. x. it doesnt connect.

What happens with the developers? didnt they test the game before putting out?
A decent game (like this seems to be) should be able to connect from different net configurations, call them Proxy, NAT, Internet connection share, Routers, etc.
This is the only game i cant play online its a shame, Eidos or Pyro do something for us we are not a few. Some of us have stopped playing Age of Mythology to play Praetorians, but what can we do?
I think keep playing AOM or recieve a solution for this problem. We wasted some money for this game so we do deserve a solution or they should give us back our money.
I bought this game thinking it would be a very nice experience online, bah!!! It doesnt work.

23rd May 2003, 08:28
Firstly to say the game wasn't tested is very insulting and also very untrue.

Since the day of release (and the demo actually) i have been on gamespy in the gaming lobby, Now i see people come on all the time saying everything works until it tries to connect to a game etc.. Thru a lot of help from the people within the lobby almost every single one of them has got the game to work, due to reconfiguring their firewall and finding out what was blocking the ports needed, so i can say This it is GUARENTEED to be something within your router which is causing the issue.

IF as you think the game was untested then EVERYONE would have these problems..

Out of interest you put down your ip as 127.x.x.x well is actually the loopback ip of your pc (if u ping it you are just pinging the machine u on) but i assume thats not the IP you were given (well i hope not anyway)

You say so yourself that you can play the game fine internally using IP addresses, but not externally, this again points clearly to something your setup blocking the ports.

23rd May 2003, 15:03
i'm facing the same problem here. I have a network of 3 pc's, one of which is also used as a router (my dads pc), mine is hooked up by HUB.

anyone know how I can get it to work on mine? and please dont tell me to change ports or whatever, 'cause I don't know were or how to configure these settings.

23rd May 2003, 15:27
Yeah sorry about the 127 .x .x. x. it is for loopback, it is 172. x. x. x.
And check out the other replies many people is having the same problem.
Its not new, whatever you say, how come other decent games can connect to: game spy, ubi soft, gaming zone and IP game through external ips ( and of course some using NAT, proxy, etc.)
(read AOM, Ghost Recon, Ravenshield, Global operations, Battlefield, etc.)
It´s the game.

24th May 2003, 08:37
Its not the game matey, its ya setup..

SOMETHING SOMEWHERE is stopping the port needed for Praetorians to connect externally.. The ports needing to be open are 2300-2400 and 47624 (cant remember if thats TCP or UDP or both hehe)

if it works internally but not externally then that PROVES that the problem is YOUR external connection. There are hundreds of users using the game thru gamespy (external connections) and all have NO problems.. which kinda says the game does actually work!!!

What is the exact make of your router? firmware etc etc

I've heard from quite a few people who thought just disabling their firewall etc would be enough, but by DEFAULT the simple act of turning off bits to allow things to pass doesn't actually allow data thru the router. Most times the router will continue to block things..

I am not meaning to sound condescending, but for you to make such brash comments on our forums about something we know not to be true is just a little frustrating.. We wanna get you playing the game, like all the others :)