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22nd Feb 2003, 13:54
I am looking for a unit guide that describes all the units strenghts and weakneses. Does anyone know where to find it?

22nd Feb 2003, 14:30
I've been looking all over the official website for it and I don't see it. I guess they haven't released it yet. Anyone know a good fan site? Any fan site?

- J

24th Feb 2003, 17:44
Originally posted by Dharkbayne
there are alot of gay ass dutch sites that dont ****ing speak english... the goddamn mother****ing dutch.... :mad: :mad: :o :D ;)

Please try to curb your use of expletives.


24th Feb 2003, 19:46
but they are dutch! JK lol, ok, ill try not to cuss, :)