View Full Version : Anyone finding the MP demo really hard?

22nd Feb 2003, 13:16
I'm not too good at strategy games (I like defending, which doesn't work in most games :D), but I've been looking forward to Praetorians because of the absence of resource gathering.

But now I'm a little nervous because, even on Easy, I'm getting pounded by the computer. I crank out as many units as I can from the 3 or 4 towns I've occupied, but they just keep sending wave after wave after me, and after about an hour I get overrun.

Any hints? Feel free to use this thread to talk about some tactics: which towns to capture, what units to produce, etc. :cool:

22nd Feb 2003, 13:50
Place your strong melee troops in the front and support them with an officer, healer and lots of archers. Use pikemen vs cavalry and foot archers vs mounted archers or use melee cavalry vs mounted archers. Use super melee troops (gladiators, praetorians, berserkers) to aid melee warriors.
Build a ballista on a hilltop or a safe place: it can kill multiple melee units in one blow.
If you still lose, take an ally: 2vs1 and study your ally's tactics.

22nd Feb 2003, 13:54
I'm still downloading the MP demo, 55% done as I write.

Anyway, those who played the MP demo have nice ideas in the thread "Got the multiplayer demo"

And from the first demo (single battle/ crossing Ar-ar river), in case anyone havent played it yet, the best I tactic I learned is to advance legions in testudo formation, with archers behind them to do most of the killing. My units here were holding hands as they advance to contact our druid ally, capture the first village in the SE, and then cross the river to take the final victory. Center river first to eliminate enemy archers guarding the second river. Legionnairs can cross second river only.

Anyway, lets talk more about the MP demo.......... and the game when it comes out.