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22nd Feb 2003, 03:28
Microsoft Tackles the 24th century....

http://www.siterush.com/~defender/graphs/mscomic01.gif (http://www.siterush.com/~defender/graphs/mscomic01.gif)


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23rd Feb 2003, 00:41
So true, so true....

23rd Feb 2003, 00:52
Nice to know that even in the 24th century, windows is still packed with bugs.

The bad news... If a vulcan can't understand Windows... how can we understand it??? (vulcans are like the smartest on Star Trek. Short of the Q (not 'q', the 'q' as in the race..) and the "Think Tank" ... well.. and Data... :) )

23rd Feb 2003, 15:07
We're doomed!!!


23rd Feb 2003, 17:45
So much for the 'user-friendly' feature u see in the info on windows o/s :)

24th Feb 2003, 02:15

24th Feb 2003, 03:13
lol. nice :)

i wonder what the enterprise stands for ? (starship, buisness?)

a real 'for dummies' book; (sorry. no pic..)

"On/Off Switch" For dummies :D

Now thats really something :)

24th Feb 2003, 04:55
Alrighty then...

24th Feb 2003, 05:17
Ok.... Em.. Try this one...

Editing Pictures For Defender who had a nasty cold for 2 weeks and needs to win the lottery... :)

How did u do that?? You edit photos? Wow... The best I can do is Copy and paste with paint brush :D

I got another wierd idea for one... "Warp Mechanics" for dummies :)

Not kidding. I actually saw a 'Physics' for dummies book! FOR REAL! Like that kinda takes the merit out of being a physics student/teacher... Like they're actually smart enough not to need such a book and now they make one that 'dummies' can use???


How about Politics for dummies :) We do elect one every 4 years :) :rolleyes:

24th Feb 2003, 08:13
Nah, the computer I'm on at the moment only has a few simple little programs for fiddling around with pics. I usually use them to clean up some of my drawings and make signatures. They're not too difficult to work with.

And I have a collection of God only knows how many fonts, now including the Dummies one, which I just got off of a font site tonight so I could put together those pics. :D

I think they might already have a Politics For Dummies book.:)

24th Feb 2003, 23:14
I read one of those books. Can't recall what it was for (i.e ??? for dummies). I think it was HTML, back when I started out making webpages (more like interested in making pages). It looked usefull.

Ofcourse, that one was for real beginers.. had lots of 'what a url is' and what a 'browser' is and stuff like that. I already knew way more than that, was looking for some more advanced stuff (javascript and stuff like that, how to do tables, fonts, change the default link color.. etc..)

26th Feb 2003, 08:48
Well, if it was that simplistic, did reading it help at all?

26th Feb 2003, 18:01
I did find some somewhat usefull commands in there (for dummies book) .. had no need for them when I started out and I cant recall them. Mostly button commands and drop down menus. Like the buttons and drop down menus you see in the 'reply' or 'edit' pages on this forum.

2nd Mar 2003, 00:38
I never could get myself to read anything that said "for Dummies" on the cover--nevermind the fact that it's the kind of bright yellow that makes you really stand out when you're reading it. :o ;) :D

2nd Mar 2003, 02:49
Yah, yellow is the most noticible color...

Though you can never tell with all those people trying to avoid the yellow light... :)