View Full Version : X-Box Live anyone?

Chris Mishima
21st Feb 2003, 23:41
I just got it today (no games yet). I'd love to play any of you guys. I'm renting Mech Assault tonight so if anybody has that let's play. I'm getting Capcom vs SNK EO tuesday (probably) so I'd like to play that too. Anyway, my Gamer Tag is "Chris Mishima".

21st Feb 2003, 23:59
I'm waiting until I move (in 2 months or so); I'll have to make sure to drop you a line when I set it up.

I'll most likely purchase Mech Assault for hours of explodie fun. =F

My handles are usually always thirdpersona or just willow... can't go wrong with the classics eh (and by that I mean using my real name... )?