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21st Feb 2003, 22:04
I have been working on my current FM for so long that I haven't even attempted to make new FM's. I created a small "level" so that I could experiment with custom reskinning of AIs. Well, it's just a nice 30 foot tall, 24 wide, 22 deep open space with a cobble floor and a solid cube in the center. I have a gaslight on the block, and some AI's around it. Here's the problem -

I roombrushed it per normal, and placed my startpoint. Then I began the game and Hark! No footprints, no sound at all from the AIs, BUT I could hear the torch just fine! Has this ever happened to anyone? My current FM has no sound problems that I know of, but yet this new one has almost no sound at all! Dromed is laughing at me right now, I know it.


22nd Feb 2003, 00:09
You haven't just shift+inserted a RoomBrush around the AirBrush have you? If you created your RBs manually, make sure they are overlapping the floor.

Have you built Rooms Database, Computed Pathfinding etc...

22nd Feb 2003, 03:56
Yes, I did shift + insert. The room brush should overlap each side of the air brush, right? I already built room database and all that stuff. Is it possible to overlap it too much or not enough, then?

22nd Feb 2003, 07:47
Perhaps you have a room brush within a roombrush - that will cause odd problems like you're describing. Or an accidental double room brush (like holding shift and hitting insert twice quickly)

22nd Feb 2003, 15:02
Do you have your stereo on? :D :p Just kidding! I'm starting to greatly dislike roombrushes. Mine always come out as -1s. And people thought it was bad if you had RoomBrush 0...

22nd Feb 2003, 20:38
Actually Dav, I've never had a prob with the -1's, they always change to a possitive number, its that Room 0 you have to watch out for. ;)

23rd Feb 2003, 08:00
Is that the problem, then?

I just realized as well that when I reformatted my drive and installed XP that I reinstalled Dromed from the CD. I am going to install it from the Keep and see if that helps (other problems have been popping up as well, I didn't have half as many before reformatting and XP).

1st Mar 2003, 18:14
Have you script_load gen and script_load convict yet?

1st Mar 2003, 19:43