View Full Version : Fileplanet exclusive was a good idea for eidos and pyro

21st Feb 2003, 19:10
because now the game will get some good advertising bcause now praetorians has a big window right when u start gamespy and if u go to fileplanet, so this game is gonna get way more sales in us, which means more mp ppl to play with and it means a better chance of a sequel/expansion pack which is :D ok, cya all, Dharkbayne, out. PEACE!

21st Feb 2003, 21:31
Don't really agree with you. It's good that it's advertised 'coz it's a great game but still I don't find it good that one site gets it exclusive. It would be better if they give to other games sites as well the more servers are up the more it can be downloaded. Besides an exclusive eventuelly ends up on other servers too so it's pretty useless imho. But I suppose that Eidos & Pyro maybe wanted to do a Gamespy a favour seeing that Praetorians can only be played via gamespy arcade or that ez... thingy (unless you have the ip of the host). I was really hoping that Pyro, after they came up with so good Single Player also would come up with some sort of ingame server browser. Commandos (2) for instance doesn't have (a large) online community why it's really a great game. I know it's developped by another team but still it's the same studio and yet they unfortunately have a bad multiplayer.

which won't prevent me from buying this game though

21st Feb 2003, 22:43
I have a few friends that want to play too, so I'll have no problem playing directly by IP, but it is really sad they don't have server browser integrated to the game.

*I don't want to install any gamespy or ezthing stuff in order to play*