View Full Version : FF7 Graphics issue with Ti 4200

21st Feb 2003, 14:59
I am running FF7 in either Windows ME or XP (Dual Boot) and when I apply the NVidia patch by replacing the ff7config.exe file, running ff7config, then replacing ff7.exe, I find that, with the GeForce selected, I get boxes of varying colors (mainly green) which makes background graphics look like a gridwork. I am using the 40.18? Nvidia Detonator drivers. I can't remember the exact number, but it is the first driver in the 40's. I have tried varying degrees of anistropic, from fully on to fully off, as well as the texture sharpening, fog table emulation, etc. Is there another utility to tweak the settings to work? which settings need to change?

21st Feb 2003, 17:34
...first of all don't use the ff7.exe from the patch. You only use the FF7.exe from the patch if the 8bit pallet says failed, if it says passed, you use the original FF7.exe.

Don't use antialaising.

There are a few setting in Rivatuner that will fix problems....but with luck doing the above will do the trick.


Oh I forgot, Don't select any of the Nvidia boxes, in the ff7config file.

23rd Feb 2003, 17:30
Have you try this (http://www.voodoofiles.com/7105).
If you're using Windows XP, probably that will help, since it helped me.

27th Feb 2003, 12:28
I finally found a perfect way for NVIDIA new video cards to handle FF7PC.

Use RIVA TUNER to activate antialiasing to 6xS,then activate "force antialiasing in all D3D applications" and "Enable multisample masking(useful when you play a old game with 3D character and 2D background)". Don't forget to disable anisotropic filtering.

By doing this,my celeron 1200+gf3ti200(with Detonator41.09) can handle this game perfectly(...almost:p). And 6xS is more stable than 8xS on my poor system.

I believe it is a perfect solution for nvidia graphic card(like gf3)to play this game.

Only one problem makes gf3ti200 worse than voodoo2...3D character's mouth sometimes diappears.And the texts or game windows have slight problem.

This method also can be used to handle old pc games like "Resident Evil 2" or "Tomb Raider :The Last Revelation(it is not necessary to enable multisample masking)"....