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21st Feb 2003, 11:52
I had posted about such a fansite for Praetorians, asking for a fansite kit. Now the good news is, that the design is done. What I need, is someone to lead the website. So if you have some exp. in Webbying, contact me with the team you've got, for running the fansite.

22nd Feb 2003, 02:05
Webbying? WTF is that, you damn british wierdo:p ;) :D

22nd Feb 2003, 09:30
damn, british wierdo ? I prefer the term damn Indian wierdo.
Anyway, what I meant is a guy who has all the skills needed to "webmaster" a fansite & a team of Praetorians fans who would update the site. As the design is fully done, there isn't much of 'designing' involved. All what is left is updating and administering the site.

I am planning to start a new forum for Praetorians, once the community starts growing. Will need moderators for it. So basically I have a plan, and I need the community's support to execute it.

If you want examples, well you can study the Commandos community for instance. Together have set-up a full fledged community site.

So if you wish to have a Praetorians community, the site is ready, just need the brains to power it. As for the Forum, I will update you on that one.

7th Mar 2003, 11:57
inform us when done.

btw ... any other fans site ?

7th Mar 2003, 17:41
the site design is ready.....just need ppl from this community to update the site !!!!

Few guys and the site is up, i guarentee + a premium forum (like the tafn commandos forum)