View Full Version : MP demo wont work.....

20th Feb 2003, 21:58
After it copy the files to the hardrive and after it pops up my password for fileplanet I hit next. It goes to a Gamespy screens taing it needs to install EZpad to work I click agree then the window closes and NOTHING happens :( It wont work and that sucks o well.

21st Feb 2003, 10:34
You're the guy from the highland warriors forum that everyone got pissed at cuz u loved WK:B and thought HW was bad!!!

As for your post, Gamespy sucks for downloads:mad:

21st Feb 2003, 19:12
Yeah if ya see Vipermmx its always me hehe. Im everywhere.

As for HW it COULD have been good but its really a poor game. The combat is dull and the game feels so loose. I dont know it sucks. Defence is bland :D

WKB on the other hand is going to freaken own I cant wait! The Super AI they have is sweet.

This game looks cool but I cant play and it sucks :( Damn EZpad. Looks like devs dont support it either. Nobody here to help!