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20th Feb 2003, 17:12
A while back we had a thread about how many older TS2 players we had, so what i wanted to know was how old are you and what advantages do you see yourself as having in TS2 over someone of the different age groups.

I'm 24 and in my prime!

20th Feb 2003, 17:26
23 and lovin' life :D

Century Bot
20th Feb 2003, 17:32
Today I am 27, but next week I am 28.

Reasons why I am good at TS2
I am of the Video Game generation.
Have played TS1.
Could afford to buy TS2 on release day.
Also treated myself to a new Dual Shock 2.
Have a big TV too.
Don't live with nagging parents.

Reason why I not so good at TS2.
Have more important things to do - e.g. go to work!
I don't have the patience to play the same story mission on hard for hours and hours without success.
I get into trouble with my Girlfriend if I stay up too late.
I only have one TV at home so if G/F want to watch TV PS2 goes off.
Don't have any brothers to compete with (I do have a sister but she prefers Jak & Dexter and Ratchet & Clank etc).

Hank Nova
20th Feb 2003, 21:19
I'm 15 and like to think I'm old and experienced when the truth is I'm quite young and am crap at TS2. I'm am currently bored at school and have no girlfriend to talk about but despite that I am happy and I wouldn't want anyone else's life. so thats me :)

20th Feb 2003, 22:30
I'm 13 (youngest so far :D). I have lots of spare time, h/w doesnt take long to do. Had to wait till after xmas before I got TS2 though (only bought it 2weeks ago). I like to think I'm experienced at TS2, because I owned TS1 for quite along time.

Mista Sinista
21st Feb 2003, 00:51
I'm 15, and am very good in TS2 just because all I like are video games and women lol, so I play video games a lot. I'm also just naturally good at games. Anyways, I don't have much hmwk and I do it fast, I don't care about school because I don't do anything and I'm a trouble maker and still manage to get good marks in school. My parents are the only inteference from me living at school and in my basement in front of the tv. Next month my pre-ordered version of zelda comes out, so omg am I going to go blind lol.

21st Feb 2003, 07:33
I'm 14. The problems I have is having h/w and a whole bunch of other games to finish! Why I'm good at TS2: Gaming is my life!

21st Feb 2003, 08:36
23 and still going strong!

Why am I good at TS2?
* I do my homework, forums are great places to find hints and strategies.
* Am just too stubborn to give up in the long run. Get stuck, go cool off, develop new tactic, and attack again... and again... and again...

Why am I so bad at this game that it shouldn't be made public?
* Work, work, work...
* Other time-consuming hobbies; computers, horse power, etc...
* Erm... Generally not having the attention span required to be really good at this??? (Currently working to rectify this flaw)

21st Feb 2003, 11:01
I've just turned 27 - my birhtday was Jan 20 (belated 'happy birthday' messages still accepted :D )

Reasons why I'm good at TS2:
- Owned TS1 so have the 'feel' for this one
- Been playing console/computer games since the age of 6 !!
- I used to work for Sega
- I've written my own computer games on my Amiga when I was 16.
- I too own a BIG TV

Reasons why I'm poo at TS2
- Well, I'm not really. I just spend most of my time building Stories in the MapMaker. If I'm not doing that I'm catching up on the rest of my vast video game collection.

Kids, if there was ever a good enough reason to get good GCSE's and to get a job it's getting paid and being able to spend the money on whatever you like without having to grovel to your parent who "might get it for you for Christmas/Birthday if you're a good boy/girl!"

21st Feb 2003, 11:47
Originally posted by CountZero
I've just turned 27 - my birhtday was Jan 20 (belated 'happy birthday' messages still accepted :D )

Happy Birthday, amigo!!! :D

21st Feb 2003, 17:52
I'm 23 as well,

I feel I have been part of the video game generation from the beginning, which is why, in amazing Harold Steptoe grouchiness, I feel that a lot of games these days are a comlpete waste of time and just too big and clever for their own good. This is why I love "back to basics" games like Tekken, TS2, Pro Evo2, Wipeout etc... basically anything that gives instant gratification ;)

That said, I'd absolutely love it if by some miracle cross pollenation sub species type affair, Zelda came out on the PS2, but there again, is a game that has its roots in the past...

Do I have a point, or am I just an old whingeing grandad!!?? :rolleyes:

PS Happy B'day Countzero :)

21st Feb 2003, 22:42
i'm 32.. ive been playing vidoe games since space invaders back in the 70's. so i have to kanck.. money is no odject as i earn a few quid.. pls playing on a big ass wide screen tv does help. :rolleyes:

2nd May 2003, 13:56
I'm 17 years old, and I've been playing games since I could pick up a controller. I started early, playing all the old school games on NES, Super Nintendo, Sega, N64, and Playstation 1. I've got years of gaming experience. For the longest time I would play Goldeneye and Perfect Dark for like 8 hours a day, but unfortunately, I need money to buy my games now, (parents cut off the cash flow for my games) so work takes up a big chunk of time. I have yet to be defeated in Timesplitters 2 in multiplayer against human competition. I'm the best in my town and area because I can play mind games to confuse my opponent. Plus I have the skill to back it up if mind tricks don't work! I've won countless video game tournaments and beaten any fool who dares to challenge me on my turf. There was one game of Perfect Dark that I had that I ABSOLUTLY dominated my opponent. This guy comes along and says to me 'I bet you $10 I can beat you in a match. You can set it up any way you want and I'll still whup your ass!' So I accepted. I was the shock trooper (dressed in all black) and we played a one hit kills game in the ravine with all the weapons being sniper rifles. The final score was 37-0. The funny thing was, at no time during the course of the game did he even see me!

2nd May 2003, 14:42
I'm 24, and am not much of a gamer. I asked for a PS2 last Christmas mostly as a joke, but my little brother Conor bought one for me. It was ridiculously generous and sweet of him.

Anyway, Conor's kind of a gamer - not a way-back Coleco-vision one, but a PS1 & 2 one. He turned me onto TS and TS2, and the only time that I really played much was on his system, until I got my own.

Here are the advantages of being a gamer at my age:

1. Reasonably comfortable with games: even if I was never into them in a huge way, I played Super Mario with at sleep-over parties, Doom on the family PC, N.A.R.C at the 7-11, and Twisted Metal with drinks at houseparties, etc. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realized that I did play a fair bit of video games without ever really being a gamer.

2. Disposable income. Games are expensive, I think, but since I only buy ones that I'm really into, and play them to death, they're good value. The only two games that I own are TS2 and Kessen 2 - both of which I am or was addicted to. I played Kessen until I'd beated it every which way, and will do the same with TS2.

3. Disposable income pt. 2 - I'm really into music and film, so I have a pretty nice home theatre system complete with 32 inch tv, etc. This definitely improves the gaming experience, especially on multiplayer.

4. Escapism - not to suggest that adolescents and young adults in high school or university don't need to escape the drudgery of study, but personally, I find that now that I have a sort of respectable job I take a sort of subversive glee in going home after a long day at the office, cracking open a beer, and playing TS2 until my girlfriend gets home.

Now, as for the cons, there pretty straightforward, and familiar

1. Work - I must echo previous posters of my generation - working a 9-5 (plus) is totally different from school - at any level. The amount of free time that I had in university, in retrospect, is staggering. Same for high school. My aforementioned brother Conor only works part-time, and seriously spends all of his time playing PS2. And yet it still drives me crazy that he has more arcade golds than I do...

2. Community, I'd say. In high school you'd probably have a bunch of friends who all liked to play games. In university you might have had a bunch of room-mates who liked to get together and play. In the work world, that doesn't really happen. When people have families, commitments, etc., it makes it hard to get together - even if the topic of gaming ever comes up, which it rarely does. As a result, you (I) end up getting most of your tips and moral support from a message board...

Anyway, the result of all this is that I'm only a middling gamer, but am turning into a decent TS2 player - decent enough that I doubt any of you regulars would be embarrassed to have me on your team during co-op story mode or during a team deathmatch. That, I think, is good enough. Well, that and finally beating my brother...

2nd May 2003, 17:02
I'm 22 and I've been playing games since I was like 5 (first console was that original pong one with the turndail controllers....seriously). I'm learnin to be a game developer and 3d modeller (among other things) ey I might even be lucky enough to work for Free-Rad someday :D

Why am I good at TS2?
* I have alot of free time (only studying part-time this yr)
* I'm good at all games and can usually master em reasonably quick (except sports games and Soul Calibur it just has far too many moves for me to remember...and dont get me started on the 2nd one)

Why I suck at it?
* errrmmm..... I dont suck at it :D

Ab ^_^

4th May 2003, 11:08
I am , wait for it

why im good:
i am one with the controler
why im bad :
um i cant think of nothing

drako the duck
5th May 2003, 04:25
I am 16. I am good because I play 6-7 hours a day. I suck because I havent beet hard yet

Private Poorly
5th May 2003, 21:56
Well I am fourteen and my advantage is having a lot of time to play the game :D

7th May 2003, 18:15
Im 12 too !!!! :D But not for long. I'll be a teenager in 2 weeks. Yay. Im young but i can still whip my dads ass at ts2. I wonder if any 4 year old play ts2. The NEW GENERATION. Freaky !!!. Later.

7th May 2003, 18:51
23 and I'm bad at multiplayer games. Why? Because I don't have the time and I guess I'm just not stubborn enough.
The story mode is a different story! I'm a quick learner when it come to computer games but multiplayer seem be be a bit different :(.
Any way got to go play timesplitters now!

8th May 2003, 07:16
its 3 weeks until my birthday:D

8th May 2003, 16:36
for me to, dude!! 3 weeks to go!!:D
I wish you a happy birthday in advance!:)

29th May 2003, 20:51
im 16 and havent lost a game too my friends.

im unstoppably i comppleted the story mode on all difficulties in 3 hours in have 42 arcade awards. i have 39 platinums (im working on the rest)

and i rock with R109. I challenge any one of u

29th May 2003, 21:14
Woot another R-109 fan :D

havent lost a game too my friends

Well that aint sayin THAT much cos your friends might just suck :p but finishing it on all difficulties in 3 hrs is pretty good! too me longer than that just to do atom smasher on hard.

Ab ^_^

29th May 2003, 21:28
yeah who cant not like R109 if they d they have something wrong with them

29th May 2003, 21:31
I still dont have a clue what keeps his arms from fallin off tho! Since they're not connected to his body :confused:

Ab ^_^

30th May 2003, 20:19
lol yeah maybe its some magnets

2nd Jun 2003, 23:22
I'm 16 years old.

-Reasons gamings best at my age-
Everyone does it so I have friends to play with
Got a bro to play with
Got quite a bit of free time
Am experienced and grew up with systems since the atari

-Reasons gamings not best at my age-
Girls ;) THey take up time, money, and you gotta do what they want
Lack of $$$

5th Jun 2003, 00:56
Originally posted by Riku
I'm 13 (youngest so far :D).

Actually not anymore im 12
I think I'm good... I don't know what I am really though

30th Jun 2003, 11:07
I'm 16 and was the first one to make it to 100%

unfortunatley i cannot back that up because they have deleted all my old posts, wich renders my posting count to a mere 17 :(

El-Spaz might remember, it was back in the really old days when TS2 had been out for a week or so tops.
I was one of those helpers who helped people with you know, all things TS2 related.

30th Jun 2003, 12:33
I'm 16

reasons Im good at TS2:

I finished my GCSEs so I have loads of spare time
I didnt revise for my GCSEs so I had even more time to blow on TS2
Im a gaming perfectionist
I mastered the original
I bought it on its release day
I have my own TV
I live in a converted barn- away from the prying eyes of the enemy/family.

reasons Im not so good at TS2:

My brother cant beat me because hes rubbish and gives up easily
My dad wont play anything newer than Alien trilogy
Im on a limited budget and Im too lazy to get a job.

Bit Cloud
11th Jul 2003, 19:20
Reasons for being good at TS2:

Summer break=LOTS of free time :cool:

I've been playing games all my life and i'm quite skilled

Practice and lots of it

14th Jul 2003, 20:20
well the best obviously the ones who have completed the game. got all platinums. becasue that means the got topshot.

but in arcade im the best. especially in CTB

15th Jul 2003, 20:46
I'm 20 and the prime stepped in a long time ago. Games and I are soul mates and Timesplitters is no different. One day when I see you online I will show you all what gaming is all about. Ha ha ha ha. There's no one who proved me wrong yet. So says Gravewizard!!!

Hank Nova
15th Jul 2003, 21:10
when i first posted i was 15 but now i'm 16. Also, i remember you robofish :) you are the TS2 master

1st Oct 2003, 19:26
i am 14 :D

2nd Oct 2003, 08:35

30th Oct 2003, 13:01
a junior member at 44!? lol:eek:

30th Oct 2003, 13:14
Junior and senior membership depends on how mant replies one has posted.:D

Regards, Robin.

30th Oct 2003, 16:30
and koala bears aren't really bears but what are you gonna do? ;)

1st Nov 2003, 02:15
Hey fellow Ts2'ers. I'm a newbie to the boards, but not to the game. ;)

Reasons I am good at TS2/stats:
- A lot of free time
- Been playing since the SNES
- I play FPS's a lot
- Hard Mode Completed
- All Plats
- 4th in the Ts2 Elite
- 8 World Records
- Can brag about anything :p
- From the down under.

1st Nov 2003, 02:40
Yea, let's see...

Reasons I am good at TS2.
-More free time than anyone else, guaranteed.
-Played video games since I was like 2
-Very competitive
-Been playing FPS's for a while, like GE when it first came out, and I competed in the Perfect Dark Elite (ranked 23 or something right now)
-Beat the crap out of TS2 (all plats, all levels beat, all that mess)
-2nd in the world (TS2 Elite) (was first for quite a few months until just about 2 weeks ago...)
-20 World Recourds
-Was ranked first in the TS1 Elite (only a few players...but trust me, I guarantee none of you beat any of our Story mode Times).


Haven't posted here in a long time...Good to see you here as well, Lenny.

Edit: Ohh yea, age. 16.

1st Nov 2003, 02:42
The only reason you saw me here, is because I reminded you of this place. :p

1st Nov 2003, 02:43
I was here first :D

1st Nov 2003, 02:57
Actually, I'm pretty sure I was here earlier with another account. I forgot the password though.

8th Nov 2003, 05:28
Im 12!!!:D :D :D

Reasons Im good at this game:
IM NOT!!!!!!!!:p :p :p

Reasons I suck at this game:
1. Very little free time( yes, i know that sounds wierd because im only 12, but i have to keep my grades up in school and i have alot of homework)
2. no one to play with but my friends when they come over
3. buisy playing other games(I do love TS2, but i hae to play THUG once in a while)
4. not much experience with FPS, except GE
5. playing for 1 day, 24mnts, cant remember sec. 50.4% complete

8th Nov 2003, 21:06
well im the best cause i have over 6 days worth of play whihc coem to about 164 hours including time i didnt save

capt. Forestzombie
15th Nov 2003, 16:44
I'm 12 and I have a lot of free time, :p but that dosen't mean I can't play videogames:rolleyes:

6th Dec 2003, 22:48
I am 17 and i have had quite a bit of experience with the free radical fps series. Starting with Goldeneye 007, i have completely beaten that game as well as Perfect Dark, Timesplitters, and of course Timesplitters 2. I have all cheats, game modes, trophies (mostly platinum) and everything for these games. I like to think that i am the best at this game (at least where i live) because i love to play videogames. But there are times when my head starts to swell and i get knocked down again :eek:

8th Jan 2004, 11:03
I am 30 and there is a group of about 6-8 of us that meet once a week without fail and play on i-link. Its a bit of a squeeze getting us all into a room with all the TV's and playstations but its worth the setting up time....We are working on making units to house our 21" TV's which we just use for TS2 and our PS2's which we can just plug and play...

Yep...been playing computer games since that bat tennis game that went ping back in the 70's.....followed by the ZX Spectrum 16k and centipede and jetpac......right the way through the consoles including Commodore Vic 20's, 64's, Atari ST's, SNES, etc etc.....

I guess thats what makes me good.....

18th Feb 2004, 16:00
im 17, i got the game 2 days ago and i think the multiplayer levels are amazing and its just annoying that i cant win any more coz i suck at the league type stuffs, oh yeah i just completed men in suits a few mins a go and got a gold. took me ages to figure out what to do until i discoverd this site.
keep it up guys n gals.

Real Name No Gimmicks
19th Feb 2004, 18:40
men in grey is a hard level i can do it easy now

it sucked when my file corrupted and i had every character apart from capt sand and handy man

Sebastian Photon
20th Feb 2004, 02:22
13, owned ts1 for a while, played ts2 for a bit got to superfly lady and only beat 6 challenges and completed easy... then about 3 months ago started playing again got 65/66 medals 45 gold 11 platinum. I need Marco the Snitch, Private Poorly, Machinist, and Reaper Splitter. Currently stuck on Robot Factory Medium and Nice Threads. I've had the game since October 2002.

My birthday is special

October 26th day the Ps2 came out, the day TS1 came out, and the day I got TS2.

Alex Krilow
20th Feb 2004, 10:56
Ahm, I imagined I was going to be in the oldest percentile, but... man it seems everybody here is younger than me! :rolleyes: How can one avoid blushing just a bit about it?

I'm 31 no less.

I owned an Atari back when I was 9. Then a TI-99/4A around 1983. A Coleco-Vision some time later, when I was around 12. And that was all with consoles, since I got a PC two years later. I have to say I played my share of Doom and Doom II. But as I turned around 15 I ran into the original "Civilization" game. I will just say that on many occasions I ended up playing for more than 17 hours STRAIGHT. O boy that game did blow my head (and is also probably liable for my short-sightedness from focusing at a short and fixed distance for hours on end). As a true Civ junkie, I soon realized that too much of anything very pleasurable might cause serious health and psychological problems, so at some point I just applied a little restrain on myself and took it easy with computer games, indulging just every once in a while on a long Civ session.

Some years passed.

Six months ago a friend of mine, also 31, invited me to his place for some "PlayStation 2 fun". I discovered you could be 30+ and own a game console without feeling any guilt, and without losing your status as a responsible adult. Above all, I plainly enjoyed myself. So one week later I got my own PS2, and began reading about good multiplayer games (human interaction is definitely healthy, you know). TS2 was tops in almost every listing, so I got it and played it and found it perfect and now I'm evangelizing here in Argentina its unsurpassed multiplayer mode. We have even played 2 iLinked consoles, team against team.

I'd say I'm an average player (around 55% complete). At 31 you can't devote so much time to gaming. Also, your reflexes and learning curve are not as crisp and flexible as when you are 16. Good thing is that most of my friends are in a similar stage, so we are even, and thus we have lotsa fun when we play together.

Whew, what a blurb. I'd better stop here.

Buenos Aires