View Full Version : Under what name shall we worship the Sky-Goat?

20th Feb 2003, 12:16
And so it was foretold: That the prophets would descend and lift from the forum the fear and anguish.

Thus the power of the Sky-Goat did relieve from its followers the depression of "No sequel" and instill in their hearts a sense of enlightenment.

And so there was great rejoicing and the people were happy. They wanted to repay the Sky-Goat - he that giveth them shelter, he that blesseth them with cheesy balls and bestow upon them splendour.

But how shall we pray they cried to the prophets How shall we tell our lord how much we love him?

Just call out his name and let your thoughts entwine with his. Then you shall will speak with the Sky-Goat himself.

But What Is His Name O Prophet?

Now we must decide. Take part in the poll. New name suggestions are greatly appreciated.