View Full Version : anyone excited

20th Feb 2003, 03:30
I've read a few threads about new games people have liked... is anyone excited about Splinter Cell coming to the PS2? I for one am, since I don't own an XBOX, though I did manage to borrow one from a friend to play SC.

Duckman Drake
20th Feb 2003, 14:19
I WAS excited to hear about the new Aliens Vs. Predator game coming to PS2 and Xbox, until I found out it's going to be an RTS and not an FPS (bewildered look). :( If they announce AvP 3 for PC only, I'm gonna cry...

I've heard a lot of good things about SC... is it as good as the reviews say?

20th Feb 2003, 19:29
Personally DD, I believe it's every bit as good as the reviews say, plus the famous bag of chips. They redefined stealth games that the MGS series started and ran away w/ it IMO. While they're story isn't as rich as MGS/MGS2, the realism of the game makes up for it(which is the reason why the story isn't quite as good as MGS/MGS2-due to the realism they tried to put forth). I recommend it to anyone who has an XBOX.