View Full Version : This game looks SOOO COOL

19th Feb 2003, 04:28
I cant wait!! Realistic scaling, no more damn villagers the size of houses or viceversa, giant seiges of castles, and.... NO F***ING RESOURCES WOOHOO!!!!!!! this is gonna ROCK I cant wait to get my seige tower down to the pc game store and buy it when it comes out,

Maximus Dominicus
19th Feb 2003, 17:51
He's one of us now :D Welcome!

20th Feb 2003, 02:40
I hear ya dhark. This is 10 times better than Age of empires, and those abyssmal resources! Endless "YOU HAVE NO WOOD!!!!!!" but this is great. I'm going to head down to my game store with a sleeping bag and live in the janitor's closet till it comes in!

-- Centuwion

20th Feb 2003, 19:36