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19th Feb 2003, 04:13
Okay, this is has been going on for a while but I've been so intently working on the level itself that I never got around to asking about it. I've never had problems roombrushing - not even now - but I have noticed that my soundbrushes tend to name themselves at times with the name of an object. (50% of my roombrushes are now called A LC Scroll)

Will this cause a problem??

Even if it won't - should I delete them all and wait to roombrush until after the level is complete? (I've always been under the impression that its a bad idea - but I can't conceive of any other way.)

Please help:confused:

19th Feb 2003, 19:50
After Dromed computes pathfining databse it likes to select an object. Are you sure it's not simply doing that?

Roombrushing should not be left till the end. At the very latest, it should be done before you start to place AI. And probably doors as well.

20th Feb 2003, 06:30
I think you found one of the bugs and if you select your room, hit <b>create</b> and pick a room (or default- if you haven't made new ones) it should change, if not, propbably delete them and start over.

21st Feb 2003, 16:59
I like to have the room brushing done as I build. I don't know if that's any better or worse than any other method. I just like to hear everything. I also like to place at least one AI in different sections as I go along just to make sure pathfinding is working OK. What is considered the best approach to room brushing. I have read others say, wait until the end, others say no.

21st Feb 2003, 21:33
I have to recreate the brushes as Default or whatever I want, but it does stick. Thanks for all the input. I think Schwaa hit it on the nose, its a bug.:)