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18th Feb 2003, 23:28
I've got a multibrush that I want to align properly. Is there a command to force it to snap to the grid? I've tried "snap_to_grid" but it didn't work.

18th Feb 2003, 23:55
There is, but it's not limited to multi-brushes, it works on all terrain brushes.

Make sure your grid is on, and make sure it is the right size.

If the multibrush is still green, you may be able to simply type hilight_do_snap 1. I can't remember what the 1 is for, something to do with rotated brushes I think.

If that doesn't work:

Deselect the multibrush, and type hilight_check_snap 1. The multibrush should become hilighted. Then type hilight_do_snap 1, then hilight_clear.

To save typing all those commands, get a custom menu. They can be obtained from various places, such as Thief Undergroud, Komag's site, or DromEd central when it starts working again.

19th Feb 2003, 01:02
D'oh. I have Komag's menus, guess I should explore them a bit more before posting in future. BTW I like the look of your mission, though I think I'll try and stay away from Mr Pumpkin's friend

19th Feb 2003, 03:27
BE CAREFUL with grid snap.

If you have built at a smaller grid size, then go up a size in grid and snap, all your smaller work will resize. You can just grab one brush at a time and drag them with the grid turned on and they'll snap. This way smaller work stay in place.