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Stone Cold
18th Feb 2003, 21:44
Kain's Mark, Clan-sign, whatever you want to call it, hehe.

OK peeps, I'm looking for a good clear picture of Kain's Clan-sign.
I'm planning on having it tattooed on my my back.
Anyone know where I can find one ?

18th Feb 2003, 21:47
I asked this question a loooong time ago.

Kain's Clan Wossit (http://www.thelostworlds.net/Images/SR1-Clan-Kain.JPG)

Thanks to Blinc *bows to Blinc*

18th Feb 2003, 21:47

Its there somewhere....

Edit: HEY! I thought you were hoarding mashmellows! You are not supposed to provide links for people when hoarding marshmellows, dont you know?

Stone Cold
18th Feb 2003, 21:51
Thanx to the both of you. *Thumb's up*
I owe you guys one.

Umah Bloodomen
18th Feb 2003, 21:52
When in doubt just have Blinc scan his shoulder. :D

Although I like that tat, I think his other one is a lot cooler. ;)

Stone Cold
18th Feb 2003, 21:58
Umah, that's a good one, the only trouble is...
My scanner's broken.

LOL, OK peeps...
I'm off to listen to my new Bolt-Thrower CD.
Check ya laterz..

18th Feb 2003, 21:59
Not only that but I think you gave a woman a flame thrower, this is sure to lead to no good....

Umah Bloodomen
18th Feb 2003, 22:00
Originally posted by Stone Cold
Umah, that's a good one, the only trouble is...
My scanner's broken.

I don't believe your name is Blinc, is it? :p

Blincoln has the image tattooed on his arm around the shoulder. I said, when in doubt ask him to scan it for you. (Being humorous).

EDIT: ROTFLMAO@Warp! Wouldn't be the first one this week. :D

Stone Cold
18th Feb 2003, 22:01
Shhht... don't worry Warp, it's empty.

Aieee Umah, I misunderstood you, hehe.
*Hits his head with something completely hard again...*

Now I'm really off to listen to that CD.

Omega One
19th Feb 2003, 03:48
Egads man - even an empty weapon in the hands of a.. a, female is dangerous!

Didn't they teach you anything in school?! ;)

Stone Cold
19th Feb 2003, 09:00
Well they did teach me the dangerous theory of "a woman behind the steering wheell..." Hehehe.

19th Feb 2003, 14:59
*drives her jeep through the wall and waves the empty flamethrower around*

I'm not dangerous! How dare you say something like that! Oops! *whacks Omega with the flamethrower* Sorry!

*plows through another wall and mows down some school children* See! I'm perfectly safe!

Stone Cold
19th Feb 2003, 16:16
*Looks at the resulting chaos*

What have I done ?..............

19th Feb 2003, 16:23
A plastic spoon can be dangerous in the hands of a woman.

19th Feb 2003, 17:32
It's quite amazing what you can do with a plastic spoon if you apply it creatively.

19th Feb 2003, 19:33
Look it doesn't take an object to make a woman dangerous. They are killing machines all by themselves. Why would god give women PMS if not for the reason that they were meant to be weapons of mass destruction!!!

Kain's Ancient Blade
20th Feb 2003, 00:33
hey i have kains symbol and the the reaver tattooed also.

LOK. My anti drug

21st Feb 2003, 20:24
I wasn't horading marshmellows warp, see *holds out bag* help yourself. *warp grabs bag and runs off with marshmellows*

OI! I DIDN'T MEAN TAKE THE WHOLE BAG! *gives chase with her spear*

Apocrypha Roxy
5th Mar 2003, 03:13
Originally posted by Kain's Ancient Blade
LOK. My anti drug

Booyah. I intend to get Raziel's symbol tattooed on either my lower back or shoulderblade. Hot stuff...