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18th Feb 2003, 10:13
Not sure what happened, but all the textures are extremely grainy. Any ideas.

I may just have to uninstall all the drom files and start over. I think I installed a added texture file in the wrong place or file.

18th Feb 2003, 13:29
What do you mean with grainy? Have you added the line edit_screen_depth 16 to your USER.CFG?

18th Feb 2003, 13:54
He probably means rough or coarse like they lost their 8-bit color and went down some. I dunno how to fix it though.

18th Feb 2003, 16:35
What I mean is they almost look like they are composed of pixel points in a digital photo that is blown up in Pshop or a pointelist painting.

I have not had that particular problem before, (3 years) and I can't pin it to any one thing at the moment.

18th Feb 2003, 17:27
Also, in dromed click on "game" and "game mode settings" and make sure hardware and directX are still selected.

In the dromed editor screen that's where "screen" depth line comes in.
Don't delete you textures cause that isn't it.

18th Feb 2003, 17:34
I just noticed. At the bottom info bar, I show Dark.game at the left, Dark.game near the center, and Loading gamesys in the center.

It doesn't give me a "DONE" anywhere on the info bar.


All the basic settings are, or seem to be fine Chief, thanks. As for the Edit line Eshaktaar mentioned, I never have needed it.

19th Feb 2003, 20:56
"Dark.game at the left, Dark.game near the center, and Loading gamesys in the center."

That's what it should say when you open Dromed with the original 16x16x16 cube. After you load your mission, it should say your miss name, your gamesys name (or dark.gam), and Load Successful.

"As for the Edit line Eshaktaar mentioned, I never have needed it."

Are you using Thief 1 then? Even if you are using Thief 1, use the edit line and it will correct the appearence of water.

21st Feb 2003, 16:43
Screens look really nice, 'specially Montoya, R Soul. You're a big tease with number 2 (Are We There Yet?) though!:mad:

23rd Feb 2003, 19:40
I can't give away too much about AWTY because I may not inclucde it in the series.

It's somewhat of a gimmick you see. ;)

23rd Feb 2003, 21:36
I finally got Thief: DP to work with Basic FM, and all the textures were extremely DOS. Everything was messed up, too but maybe it was meant to be that way. I added edit_screen_depth 16, but I don't know if it worked yet. Is it Thief:DP?

LOL, Thief: DP

23rd Feb 2003, 22:20
Fixed. I cleaned out the files and reloaded. I had a hanger-on file in the Registry that was conflicting with the new install.

A corrupted Tex file was the problem.

Thanks for the advise though, guys.