View Full Version : Nero, DVD & CDRW prob

Thorin Oakenshield
17th Feb 2003, 22:48
Hi guys,
I've just installed an extra cd-rw to my system but Nero cannot see it:rolleyes:

On IDE 0 I have my 2 HD's
And on IDE 1 I have a DVD/CD-RW (Master) and Samsung CD-RW (Slave)

Problem is Nero can only see my dvd drive Yet the system can see both drives and Clone CD can see and burn on BOTH drives:confused:

I've uninstalled nero and reinstalled from the new drive. Now Nero can't see either drive:rolleyes: :mad: So I uninstalled... bla bla bla from the DVD cdrw. Nero still cannot see either drive.

Does anyone else have this prob with Nero?

BTW I have 2 cdrw's because 1 can read dvd's and the new 1 is 3 times faster @ 40X

Thorin Oakenshield
18th Feb 2003, 00:01
I installed the latest version of nero and it can now see both drives:cool: