View Full Version : Black frame around vault door

17th Feb 2003, 20:27
Ok, i have a vault door, and i have it in wall cutout like it should be but the problem is that there is a black frame all around my door when its shut, and when i open it it disappears! It really spoils the idea and looks crappy, ive even tried moving the door in either direction and nothing happens. If somone could please tell me how to get this to go away i would appriciate it.

17th Feb 2003, 22:41
It must not be in the wall if you can see the black thingie. To get rid of it though, go to the door's: Properties>Rotating>Uncheck the Blocks Vision? Box. WARNING: This may get rid of the black thing, but it lets other AI see the player through the door!

18th Feb 2003, 00:18
It seems to me like the doorway is too large, or the wall is too thin.

Also be sure to check that the coordinates of the door are exactly the same as the coordinates of the doorway.

18th Feb 2003, 13:18