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17th Feb 2003, 20:05
wow! ttlg.com has been down for so long i was beginning to give up on my map creation because it took so long to wait for the forums to come back up. thanks god eldos has a dromed forum!!!!! THANKS ELDOS!:)

17th Feb 2003, 22:39
It's Eidos (that got me too at first). :) I noticed you had a "due date" for your FM... I suggest you don't do that. I've heard from many expert creators that that is a bad thing to do because you NEVER make it and then you get mad and abort it or mess it up. But still, I hope you FM does come out soon! Good Luck fighting with DromEd for the last 2 weeks.

18th Feb 2003, 03:29
Don't set a due date! I had one for a series of Tomb Raider FMs that I released, and I met it.

...one problem, though...

I stayed up twenty-hour days for twenty-one days and nights to finish them. Fastest Tomb Raider FM building (six levels in three weeks) ever, but I suffered during and after that time. Urgh. I am now living twenty-hour days at college and DromEditing (also building my own RPG), and am very happy with no due date in sight. :D

18th Feb 2003, 13:15
lol, aight aight so i should probably remove that from my signature. But i did make my due date far in advance and all i have left to do on my thief fm is Import my already drawn map, import the mission objectives text, and make it darkloader ready:D plus fix a few last problems that i have adressed on this forum recently.....

19th Feb 2003, 05:45
a couple weeks is far in advance???

Have you ever released a mission before? Most of the time ends up in the last little bit of the work! Don't worry, no one will be dissappointed if you delay the release a month or two to work out all the kinks that may come up :)

19th Feb 2003, 17:02
Yeah, not to discourage you but Dromed likes to crash alot right when you think you're about done :) Its got some kind of (sic) sense.

20th Feb 2003, 13:09
Originally posted by Schwaa2
Yeah, not to discourage you but Dromed likes to crash alot right when you think you're about done :) Its got some kind of (sic) sense.

Yeah, mine just decided that my newest two saves won't recognize my gamesys, and all my WindowShade objects resized to white triangles of the approximate dimensions of 100x40x60. Also my 'frob' action doesn't work and I can't draw weapons.

So I had to add all the work done in those two saves to an older, working one by some tedious movement of very large multibrushes...urgh, makes me sick because I've done this twice before (thought it was my gamesys at first until I ran some diagnostics).

21st Feb 2003, 16:52
Yea, my mission...the building part is all done, map wise. Just a few touches of finish building here and there. The other day, portalizing went wacky. Running around in-game, all the lighting had translated into stark "lit or unlit" areas in square, rectangle, and wedge shapes. Most bizarre thing I've ever seen. Exiting dromed, restarting my computer, reopening and portalizing again fixed it (whew!), but it could have just as easily been the ancient dromed gods conspiring to kick the crap out of me and laugh. Don't count your burricks before they're hatched!:eek:
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