View Full Version : Final Fantasy VII Graphics?

17th Feb 2003, 16:48
I can't play FFVII. For some reason every time i play it, it skips the intro and the movies and goes straight to the game but i can't see the game either. I hear the music and i see the text. But other than that, I can't play the game. My older computer used to play it, but it was too slow. Now I have a 2gig CPU Nvidia gforce mx/200 and now I think that the computer maybe too fast for it. Please help me!

18th Feb 2003, 16:03
Looks like you have two problems.

What OS are you using?

Have you tried software mode.

For hardware mode you need to install the config.exe from the TNT patch. And use the latest Det. drivers from nvidia.

For your movies try installing the movieplayer from your install disk, you'll see it if you use that auto thing for you cd-rom. or double click on....well....I forget....I think it's autorun.exe or something.

or you can try using the upside down patch. you'll find the patches under support.