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17th Feb 2003, 16:35
Dromed Central is caput my browser says.

I need an AI to do this......
.....When it sees the player (Garrett) I want him to shout out something and then run to a certain location.


17th Feb 2003, 17:14
How about an AIWatchObj link? Or an alert response (level 3)?

17th Feb 2003, 17:16
Well Chief, I can help with part.

To run to a location you need to put a prop on him:
Ai>Ability Settings>Condition for Flee or Flee if aware of player.

Then make a Flee Point and link him to it with an AI Flee Link.
This is probably the best way:

Or you might be better off using a AiWatchObj link (conversation)on a marker.

put the props on marker:

Player entry

Radius :(5 to 10 is good), just make sure the radius is big enough that he HAS to go thru it, and is in sight of the AI. (stationary AI right?

Hieght:10 (just because)

Step One: Play sound/motion tag (you'll have to find his voice- look in his props), then open schemas and find the shout you want. List it in the 3rd box down.

Step two:Goto object. Name a Marker where you want him to run to, Name it RuntoPoint, then Type RuntoPoint in the first box.
(Always name the objects you use, that way if Drom changes the numbers-and it will- it'll keep track of the name.
You can use <b>FAST</b> in aurg.2 to make him run to the marker.

Step three:Add Metaprop (optional)M-AIDoesPatrol. When he gets to the point you can have a patrol route waiting, don't add Does Patrol to him, this will do it once he gets to that point.

You could even add a step in there to make him point at you before he shouts, CONV 1, using play sounds/ motion tags. Notice in the boxes there are comments

(sound concept, sound tags, motion tags) s.c. goes into the first box (arg.1), s.t. goes into the second box(arg.2), m.t. goes into the third box(arg.3).
Converstaion Motions posted November 17, 2001 10:22 PM
The only ones I have are:

(T2)Conv 1 - Reach to touch
Conv 2 - lean back
Conv 3 - Shuffle from side to side
Conv 4 - Two arms shake
Conv 5 - Lean forward
Conv 6 - Nod head
Conv 7 - Move two arms up and down
Conv 8 - Twist head right
Conv 9 - arms behind back
Conv 10 - hands together at front
Conv 11 - arms crossed
Conv 12 - arms wide then right hand up
Conv 13 - walk froward, wave right handed, then sniff
Conv 14 - run right
Conv 15 - lie down on back
Conv 16 - lookup then down then shake arms (the fish was this big type motion)
Conv 17 - shake arms right
Conv 18 - shake arms
Conv 19 - shake arms (as in yes I agree)
Conv 20 - shake arms right
Conv 21 - lieing down, shaking left arm then falls dead (in mid air)
Conv 22 - shake arms (long session)
Conv 23 - move head
Conv 24 - move right hand up and down
Conv 25 - move two arms up (another fish was this big)
Conv 26 - move right hand up and down and shakes head at the same time
Conv 27 - move left hand up and down and shakes head at same time
Conv 28 - move both hands up and down together
Conv 29 - moves both hands up and down, also turns in a circle and rants a bit to all around
Conv 30 - put hands on hips and leans forward
Conv 31 - gives something right handed and left hand on hip and leans forward
Conv 32 - waves both arms then puts both hands on hips and leans forward
Conv 33 - hands on hips and shakes head while leaning forward
Conv 34 - right hand gives, left hand on hips, head moves, right hand moves to hip
Conv 35 - hands on hips and shakes slightly
Conv 36 - lies down, lifts bum up and down (trying to get comfatable, not sex)
Conv 37 - nods head (bow)
Conv 38 - raises left hand up then down
Conv 39 - left hand across chest
Conv 40 - raises left hand (bye)
Conv 41 - raises both hands slightly
Conv 42 - crouches down, then stands (squarts)
Search 0, Scan 0 - must be used together to make them work

Totality's list:
WorldFrob 0, WithTray 0, AtWaist 0, BellPull 0 =Frobs in front with left arm back
WorldFrob 0, AtWaist 0 =Frobs in front with right hand forwayrd

WorldFrob 0, Lever =Pulls a lever

WorldFrob, =Door Opens Door

Stand2Sit =Sits down from standing

Sit2Stand =Gets up from sitting

Sit2Lie =Goes from sitting to lying

Lie2Stand =From lying to sitting

Crumple, Die =Lies on face dead

Crumple, =Knockout Lies on back dead

+OnStairs =As if KOd on stairs

+IsConfined =Falls to knees then back

+NearHazard =It is allowable, don't know what it does.

Search, Peek =Peers Forward

Search, Scan =Leans forwards hunches body and turns head.

Discover, Pointout =Points forwards

Discover, Recoil =Recoils backwards

Discover, Challenge =Points forwards real quickly.

Discover, Thwarted =Shrugs shoulders in warming up kind of way.

Discover, Salute =Salutes (Note discovers move only arms so variants
if you play another motion immediately before hand)
IdleGesture 0 Wobbles side to side if guard (or yawns if servant)

Stalled, Poisoned =Looks like he's throwing up

Stalled, Stunned =Stunned routine

Stalled, Blinded =Holds arms up to shield face, lots of walking

Stalled, Flail =Moving arms about like a headless chicken

Stalled, Flail, InAir =Can't see any obvious difference, more headless

Stalled, Flail, InWater =Drowning Routine (very nice endpoint)

+Rebalance =Allowable though I don't know what it does.

ReceiveWound =Get's knocked back if hit

(+Block& SevereWound & Attack No discenible difference on sergeant
model Special Attack)

ReceiveWound, MeleeCombat =As if hit in chest, returns to on guard

RangedCombat =Whirls Hands then throws

RangedCombat, Directed =A bit more discenable throw

RangedCombat, Direction =Throws to one side

Conversation, Quux =Cross arms behind back

Conversation, Baz =Jump and shake arms a little as if agitated

Conversation, Baz, =Quux Raise arms as if to say I don't know

Conversation, Bar =Lean backward as if surprised

Conversation, Bar, =Quux Cross arms in front

Conversation, Bar, Baz =Move arms as if counting or conducting music

Conversation, Foo =Raise left hand and nod as if greeting

Conversation, Foo, Baz =Nod head as in agreement or acknowledgement

Conversation, Foo, Bar =Take a step forward with one foot, then back

Conversation, Foo, Bar, Baz =Look right

Conversation, Quux, Foo =Cross arms

Conversation, Quux, Bar =Keep arms crossed

17th Feb 2003, 17:50
This is awsome guys thanks.

17th Feb 2003, 19:29
WOW! I was playing around trying to figure out how to do this stuff and came accross something.

I have this AI in the woods way at the edge of the map. I tried to make it so that when he saw me he would run to a flee point etc.

What happened though is quite different.

As soon as I go into game mode (Without seeing me) he starts walking along the paths and all the way to the castle, goes through a gate, winds around the courtyard, through 3 doorways, up the tower then down some stairs and starts walking another AI's patrol route.

As if "break's over get back to work!" LOL.

17th Feb 2003, 19:50
Did you Add>prop>M-Does Patrol to him?

If you did take it off, the conversation will add it.

17th Feb 2003, 20:52
Yes, I removed the prop and he stands there now, thanks. However the suggestions you gave haven't worked yet. let me explain if you will.

1) I added Condition for Flee if aware of player to the AI

2)I made a FleePoint marker

3)I linked the AI to the FleePoint marker using "AIFleeTo", "AIFleeSource" and "AIFleeDest" and none worked.

Could I have missed something?

I then tried the other route useing conversations but there was alot I couldn't do because I couldn't find all the stuff.

I.E. Props on the marker, I couldn't find player entry or radius.

17th Feb 2003, 21:56
Sorry Chief, I guess I kindof mixed you up posting both ways.

Try this:

Remove any props you added (AI flee, Ai patrol, ect...) and name him <b>Johnny</b>

Create a marker at your Flee Point and name it <b>Flee Marker</b>

Create a NEW marker, hit edit and rename<b> AITrig</b> (or something you'll remember) There are NO props on the marker, just a unique name.

Link the marker to the AI using a <b>AIWatchObj link</b> (AI to marker)

In the link box choose<b> DATA</b>.

This brings up the <b>conversation dialog</b>.

In the Dialog:
<b>Player entry</b> (you have to pull the task bar at the bottom of your screen up, then drop it back down to see the top of the Dialog- but palyer entry is default)

<b>Radius</b> (if the marker is in a ten foot wide hall, make the radius 6 feet, remember, the player will trigger it 6 feet before the reach the marker but this will cover the hole hall)

<b>Height </b>= 10 (?- just recommended)


<b>Response Step One: Face</b>
Arg 1: (leave blank)
arg 2: AITrig (or what ever you decided to name it)
arg 3: (leave blank)

<b>Response Step Two: Play sound/motion tag</b>
Arg 1: (leave blank)
arg 2: (leave blank)
arg 3: Conv 22 (capitol C - space between Conv and 22)
(this is shake hands wildly- see above list)

<b>Response Step Three: Goto object</b> (object,speed,motion tag)
arg 1:Flee Marker
arg 2:Fast
arg 3: (blank- unless you want him hobbling or something)

<b>Response Step Four: Add/Remove meta-prop</b>
arg 1: Add
arg 2:M-DoesPatrol (type these exactly as they are in Metaprop list)
arg 3:Johnny (name of your AI - name EVERYTHING you use in conversations, don't use numbers)

Hit Enter to exit.

OK, now Johnny stands around (you could add ability settings fidgets) and fidgets until garrett gets close to the marker, he turns to face the player, he then shakes his arms wildly and take off running to the Flee Marker. Flee marker is by a patrol path that he starts to follow.

You can get as crazy as you want with these, same basic concept for conversations, you just have more steps to fill i for conversations.

18th Feb 2003, 05:35
Thanks Schwaa, this is coming together.

He now shakes his fist twice then runs to where I want.

Now can I have him shout something specific?
mc1sec_1 as an example.

Where would I put it?I tried putting it in
Respnse Step Two: Play sound/motion tag like-

Arg 1: mc1sec_1

arg 2: (blank)

arg 3: Discover, Challenge

18th Feb 2003, 07:35
I think you just have to make a new Step for the voice, and a seperate one for the motions.

21st Mar 2003, 00:02
I need some more help with this please.
Right now with this setup the AI shakes his fist and turns and runs to the flee point but I need him to do more.
I need him to yell "Guards!" and run towards the guards and have them run to the player to attack him/her.

21st Mar 2003, 00:08
I was just thinking - I have some AI who automatically do that when hit a certain amount of times. I place the flee point near where AI are (like outside their tower). When any AI is hit so many times, they jump back and then run to call the guards. If there are guards there or along the way they will either search for you or follow the AI back to where you are (depending on where they are in regards to flee point). If there are no AI at that point, they run there yelling, then walk back to where they were. I would think that if you found the part of an AI that makes them run to attack you (or the state - like maybe super efficient...high aggression...high aptitude - together), you can find a way to insert it - and maybe there's a way to make the response happen at lower hitpoints. Ah, I don't know what I'm talking about...:rolleyes:

If any of that made sense I hope it helps.

21st Mar 2003, 19:29
OK, for the shout you need to make a 'play/sound motion' of its own. off the top o my head i can't think of which line to put it in, but its in the order they are listed, I think its line 2 because line 3 is motions.

That's one box, the NEXT box put the motion. So he'll start the sound, then start waving hands. If you put motions first he'll wait til he's done shaking fists before he starts the sound.

Then put the goto in its own box after the motions.
Now if you have it set to <b>Line of Site</b>, the player will have to be in the rasius in his line of site for it to happen, then they could sneak up a BJ him.
Add prop>Ai Abilitt settings>Ai Inform other> True. that SHOULD make him pass his panic onto others, and they should go to where he came from.

Not my area of expertise but it seems to work that way.

24th Mar 2003, 03:13
im using dromed 1 so i dont know if this is the same but all i did was make a flee point and give it a good percentage to run to(and placed it near some guards)

the ones who will alert on sight of you will run automatically to the flee point while yelling thief at the top of thier lungs.

the ones set with a front gate guard prop will only run and yell when i threaten them(raised bj or sword)

you can also set it so that they wont run if there is enough help to fight you (like 3 or more) i cant remember the exact prop but its something like alert response maybe.

oddly, once the ai run and inform, the guards come back with them or sometimes dont. but the ai always return to thier places and if they see you again they will pretend to fight you until you threaten them again(the servants not the guards)

if you beat up a guard too much he will also run.

the aiwatch obj way is great though for a "chickensheet" guard :D