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16th Feb 2003, 05:38
How do I make a secret door? ControlDevice from switch to door. But how do I add door sounds and texture? And how do I make it so ONLY the switch will open it (AKA not frobable by the player)... And I was looking though the different traits or whatever you can add to things. It seems that under Render, you can make it so an AI's face changes. What does the metaproperty FrobInert>MostlyInert do??? It makes no sense to me... And wasn't there a metaproperty so a window doesn't break? Is there some really cool list of all of the metaproperties and other "add"s? Wasn't there a meta-property list on DromEd Central? I hope it comes up soon. Sorry for all the Qs.

16th Feb 2003, 05:44
Go to the DROMED FORUM where you are and set the DAYS for From the beginning.

There are 15 or 20 TUTORIALS on every subject in the list of threads. They were put in by KOMAG in the very beginning of this new forum.

Here is an example:

16th Feb 2003, 06:28
Hmmmm... Well, I searched "door" and "metaproperties" and nothing came up that would help. I think I need another human to straight out answer me for me to understand anyways.

16th Feb 2003, 07:16
Originally posted by Danventry
Hmmmm... Well, I searched "door" and "metaproperties" and nothing came up that would help. I think I need another human to straight out answer me for me to understand anyways.

Don't SEARCH. Set the DAYS at the right bottom to "FROM THE BEGINNING. Start on page 4 and READ the different threads.

16th Feb 2003, 14:25
Ahhhhhhhhhh, okay!
Hmm... Well, all of it is very interesting and I need to go back some time to see all of that, but I couldn't find anything pertaining to my problems. And while I waited for help, I have some more problems: How do I make two doors open at the same time (the double door effect)? And when I Build Room Database, DromEd crashes. It's done this three times now. What did I do wrong? Or is it just being difficult today?

16th Feb 2003, 18:56
Concerning double doors: Add a ScriptParams link to one of the doors and make it point to the other one. Enter Double in the data field.

Secret doors: Take one of the secret doors, like a 4x4secret-door and add the metaproperty FrobInert to it, so you can't frob it manually. Then make a switch and link it to the door via a ControlDevice link.
If you want another object to be your secret door, like an armoire, you can add the Door->Translating or Door->Rotating property to the object. You need to add the StdDoor script to the Scripts property as well. And add a Schema->Class Tags property, too (look at other doors to see what to fill in).

Edit: To change the look of secret doors which have those 0 textures, add the property Shape->TxtRepl r0. Enter the name of a texture, like fam\vicm01\vic67top. Keep in mind that the texture needs to be somewhere in your mission already, otherwise the colors will look wrong on your secret door.

I hope that could help a bit, despite my rather chaotic explanation.

16th Feb 2003, 20:57
No, I understand. I'm watching the re-runs of Celebrity Mole right now, so I'll be very patient. Any ideas on why DromEd crashes when I room-brush my level and Build Room Database???

16th Feb 2003, 22:09
You might have an Ai in a "roomless" brush.

Or you might have a <b>room 0</b>. Room 0 is Bad news but can be fixed, do so immediately. You'll just have to click all the rooms and find the one with the number of 0, DON'T delete it or another will take its place, just move it ot into space and replace it with another brush.

can't think of any other possibilities.

17th Feb 2003, 03:01
I don't have AI yet... What do I do with a Room 0 ??? I don't understand by "move it out into space".

17th Feb 2003, 03:25
If you have a room zero move it by changing the location numbers in the XYZ grids. Move it off to the side of the work area.

Replace it if it is in the middle of your layout with another room.

Room 0 is where Dromed stashes stuff for use in the mission. If you have a room 0 in your plan it will crash the mission.

17th Feb 2003, 03:44
Are you saying an airbrush or...? I have an airbrush at 0,0,0 (b/c I've heard you need one there for all the weird things DromEd puts there). Do I need my Room 0 there or...?

17th Feb 2003, 04:52
In the lower left-hand corner of the screen are indicators for a brush’s “X,” “Y,” and “Z” coordinates; you can use these brushes to modify the brush’s position.

Or, press and hold the “Shift” key; move the mouse cursor to one of the 2D view windows; click and hold the left mouse button; and move the mouse to reposition the brush.

Airbrush is fine, some people like to make it solid. Solid gives you an outline that helps remind you it is there. Run through your brush count and look at the numbers. You should not Make a room 0. If you don't have one fine, if you do and it is a 'working' room you built, then you need to move it out of your plan and rebuild it.

Don’t confuse “Room Brushes” with the physical rooms in your level.

Use “Build Room Database” every time you add/remove/resize/reposition a room brush. This will keep the sound working as it should and help to avoid DromEd crashes.

Move away from the coordinates 0,0,0, because the Dromed program sometimes puts odd things at that location despite your most careful precautions, and that can cause problems sometimes.

When you start building a level the first thing to do is build a 4ft solid brush at coordinates 0,0,0. Then start building you level waaaaaayyyyyyy the hell away from there. The reason is because the dromed fairy likes to store it's wedge collection in that spot. Texture refs are also stored there and a number of other items. Bottom line is you want 0,0,0 engulfed in solid terrain or you will look like a sloopy little builder

17th Feb 2003, 17:22
Yeah the area 0,0,0 should be avoided for your level as used projectiles and things appear there.

But <b>ROOM 0</b> is a room, not a brush. brushes are air, solid, water, ect...

rooms are the grey boxes (purple when selected) around the air spaces that handle sound. check ALL of these and look for one with the number 0, exmp:

Default (201) [archetype-if you make different room types]
0 [room #]
-unset- [EAX value]

17th Feb 2003, 22:36
Ahhh... Okay, a true ROOM Brush... I know all about the whole "Thou shalt not put any part of your level at location 0,0,0" thing. I learned it the hard way on an FM I aborted (Magician's Appretence? Or was it Mage's? I dunno) and found a large wedge in my courtyard that wouldn't go away. So if I just move to "Room 0" brush out of the playing area, it should be okay?