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17th Mar 2013, 22:18
So I guess I was a bit slow in figuring this game out, now I need to get vitality crystals for my silver chocobo. One of the methods I saw was to farm His Royal Ripeness, but when I go to Sunleth Waterscape 300af I already have defeated him and he is gone. Is this something I do with the paradox scope fragment skill? Or do I have to close the gate and try again? The guy in the video actually showed him farming it a couple times. Any help is highly appreciated!

17th Mar 2013, 23:04
you could try it that way it was showed in the video at first, then try farming at the coliseum. I bought the DLC for the coliseum both for SNOW'S story and the fight againts Lightning w/Amodar. Those two were dropping crystals, i do believe it was vitality crystals? i can't remember now lol. i've been playing the new TOMB RAIDER. Anyway.... with that battle against her and her captain it's going to get rough after you get lightning to half of her stagger gauage then her captian shows up and that's where the rough part comes in. take Amodar out first, then lightning. The drop rate to get lightning's crystal is rather low and so is his. AT LEAST YOU GET VITALITY CRYSTALS IN THE LONG RUN :).

Try the video way first then try my suggestion. then if that fails.... go to gamefaqs.com it's a really really really great site, it's a BIG GUIDE TO EVERY GAME UNDER THE SUN.


17th Mar 2013, 23:46
It's funny you say that cause as I captured Amodar I did actually get some vitality crystals! Thanks for the help though!

20th Mar 2013, 22:47
sweet ^_^ that's an easy way to farm vitality crystals believe me and getting sum money along the way lol. glad it worked out for ya ;)