View Full Version : Textures... Editing them...

13th Feb 2003, 23:30
I took a T1 texture (that was included in DEDX) and edited it so it looked more T2-ish. But now all the colors are screwed up. I think I forgot to get the Thief2 Pallette. Where can I get this b/c the Central seems to be down (or that's what <i>my</i> server says, but I think it hates me sometimes).

14th Feb 2003, 14:34
T2 tex families use any 256 colours, not a single set of 256 colours for all families as Thief 1 did.
There should be a "full.pcx" file in each custom family containing this palette.
Also, here's Thorin's tut:

17th Feb 2003, 20:37
CENTRAL! uhhh, Dromed central. It used to work for me...now it hates me too i guess, it won't go and when i do a google search for it and it comes up, it says in the description "Sorry, you need a browser capable of viewing frames for Dromed Central! Bye-Bye". Damn shame seeing it used to work fine....