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6th Jun 2012, 23:02
Is anybody familar with the streetpass system for DDD? Nintendo's 3DS software Conference at E3 announced that Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance will support the streetpass feature (and the circlepad pro), but how will that affect gameplay? Sadly, it didn't go into detail. Will we be able to create more dream eaters based on passersby, will there be an unlocking system or anything along those lines?

9th Jun 2012, 02:23
Kingdom Hearts 3D utilizes Nintendo 3DS' Streetpass feature in breeding Dream Eaters. You'll be able to breed your Spirit companions through it and share your information with other players, giving you the opportunity to battle their team. Another thing is with the special Dream Eaters available through the preorder AR card bonuses. If you don't have the physical card, you'll be able to obtain the recipe to create the Dream Eater through Streetpass, although it will be rare.

9th Jun 2012, 14:57
Ah, I see. Sounds like Dream Eaters will be a snap to get then.

Thanks for the info, Sign.

9th Jun 2012, 20:58
So how hosed are we who don't ever get streetpasses? Like if I have the MoM edition, will I miss out on any spirits? I'm a bit of a completionist, not getting stuff because nobody in my area seems to have 3DSs bugs me

9th Jun 2012, 21:09
The only ones you'll have to worry about might end up only being the two Spirits you don't get from the "wild card" from the preorder bonus, if they aren't included individually in the MoM set.

10th Jun 2012, 21:57
Thanks for the PM Ori... so streetpassing won't add anything new, just make it a little easier for getting certain spirits?

10th Jun 2012, 22:14
StreetPass is more used for the Link Portal feature from what I'm gathering on the Japanese site. What this involves are Friend Portals which allow you to temporarily add other Spirits to your party to complete a challenge, or Battle Portals which pit you and your team of Spirits against those of the Portal.

10th Jun 2012, 23:01
Alrighty, thanks for the info!

11th Jun 2012, 21:45
I wish I lived in the city, so I could actually have a chance to use the streetpass features in games. :(

30th Jun 2012, 13:50
i can relate to this gah!!!

my little town aparently thinks 3ds isn't "real gameing"

29th Jul 2012, 12:55
How to you enable the Streetpass feature on this game? Please Help!

3rd Aug 2012, 17:51
I believe you should find the pink-star-like point on your map on touch screen. tap the pink icon and it ask you if you want to enable Streetpass. But if it doesn't work, go to your System Setting on your 3DS menu, Streetpass Management, and then deactivate any of your Streetpass if they are full. Hope that helps! :D

7th Aug 2012, 11:35
Oh, Thank you so much, I had accidentally clicked "no" when it asked me if I wanted to activate Streetpass and couldn't find it anywhere. I was worried I'd have to start over lol