View Full Version : Rant About Ambient Lighting

13th Feb 2003, 09:46
I have recently played several missions which have the ambient lighting turned up so high, that you can't even make out the shadows. Not only does this make gameplay hard, it also takes away all the atmosphere in the mission. Please, PLEASE, set the ambient lighting to 20 20 20 or lower, it makes such a big difference.

Sorry for ranting, but it's a shame to see missions which could have been enjoyable to play if they had had some mysterious shadows. I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way.

14th Feb 2003, 14:49
I completely agree, and in my own dromeding i go probably too far in the opposite direction..(hellishly dark and dark fog too)..i'll probably get complaints about it being too dark when it gets to Beta-testing.
I'm a painter as well as a Dromeder, and i think because of this i'm quite sensitive to the tonal value of the textures. Most of the cobble textures (just one example) just look so much better in dim and/or murky light though, imo.

14th Feb 2003, 20:03
I feel the same way, ambient light is key. I personally like about 18 18 18. sometimes I think the defualt 20 20 20 is too bright.

It also depends on fog though.the higher the numbers you use in you fog the brighter the entire levels ambient gets.

If its to dark then its just hard to make out the details even if there is more contrast between light and shadow. Personally I like to see details even in the shadow areas.

Its kindof like textures, alot of people like the dirty gritty feel of T1, but the textures are really bad. Look at Cl and GatI. They both have a gritty, dirty feel but the textures are awesome. In reality, even if you are somewhere dirty and gritty, everything has great detail. I've never been anywhere thatlooked choppy and ugly like T1.

Some of the textures in T2 seem to have gotten too fancy, but they do look better.

14th Feb 2003, 23:43
I completely agree. One thing I cannot stand is no shadows or the completely opposite extreme of barely being able to make out your surroundings. 20 20 20 is just the right balance, I think. Also, it helps to have your computer on reasonable balanced settings of contrast and brightness so you know basically what it will look like on someone else's computer.

14th Feb 2003, 23:53
I'm a 08 08 08 - 10 10 10 man myself. But then I do tend to use mostly white light, which creates a slightly brighter looking radius. :)