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Shadow Creepr
13th Feb 2003, 02:46
I got this message when I tried to install Thief Gold back into my system:

This product cannot be installed on Windows NT due to a Microsoft DirectX (tm) limitation.


When I upgraded to XP last fall I had uninstalled several of my games to free up space. I upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows XP home edition.

I have DirectX 8.1.

Any insight into this?

Munin the Raven
13th Feb 2003, 02:57
Have you installed Thief Gold on XP Home before? To do so you need to use the command:

<b>d:\setup.exe -lgntforce</b>

Where "d" is the proper letter of your CD drive and the first letter of "lgntforce" is a lowercase "L".

If that's not the case, it should work fine with DirectX 8.1, so I don't have any other suggestions.

Shadow Creepr
13th Feb 2003, 03:08
Thanks Munin.

The problem is I cannot even get to the option to put the drive information in though. I can click on install and that message pops up. How can I bypass that?

I have not installed this to Windows XP since I upgraded, no.

13th Feb 2003, 03:27
You must enter the above command at the command prompt. After the install CD autoplays, then quit the install program. Start a command window or use the Run command under the start menu. Then enter the command as text.

Shadow Creepr
13th Feb 2003, 03:43
Thank you Peter Smith. I will try that.

Munin the Raven
13th Feb 2003, 04:51
Sorry Shadow Creeper, I forgot that detail.