View Full Version : FFX's "Otherworld"

12th Feb 2003, 20:24
I just surfed for the lyrics for the heavy rock song that is in FFX. Turns out that it has to do a lot with FFX, who would have known....It's hard hearing the lyrics in the song.

I do like the song though, kinda sounds like "Rob Zombie".



13th Feb 2003, 00:47
Heh. I almost choked when I first heard the song. I had to double check whether it WAS from FFX.

Definitely not like other songs of Nobuo. Definitely... otherworldly...

Chilled Unit
13th Feb 2003, 13:31
You get to hear it for all of 2 minutes in a 90+hour game.

It's included in the soundtrack for completeness, but it is by no means a core element of the musical environment of the game.

14th Feb 2003, 17:26
It is actually. It's played during the first FMV, when dream-Zanarkand is destroyed by Sin, and it's also played as the music for the Braska's Final Aeon fight at the end.

Chilled Unit
14th Feb 2003, 22:30
D'oh.. I forgot it was at the end too :D

I'll go put my dunce's hat on and stand in the corner :)

BTW: My favourite tune is the "aftermath" one (can;t remember exact title) that you hear for the first time after the fight on the beach, it crops up again in a couple of other places.

22nd Feb 2003, 21:55
The Farplane music? yeah, that's nice.

my favourites are "Underwater Ruins" (plays when Rikku and Tidus are looking for the airship), "Hopeless Desire" (plays in Baaj Temple) and also the Trials music.