View Full Version : My Newish Site

11th Feb 2003, 00:34
Hello, a while ago i made a cheezy tripod site about startopia, then of all things i played the game too much and it became a silvery blob and wrecked my disk drive(oh well, show you how good of a game it is huh?) anyway after that i kinda lost intrest in the game, then now, alot later, i was looking at my games and saw the cd case and said to myself, "Self, i think we better get a new startopia and play it." so i agreed with myself, went on ebay and bought another one. Tho it has yet to come after TWO WHOLE FRIGGEN WEEKS! (from now on im shippen fed-x!) i decided to remoldel that old site of mine on startopia. the adress is http://startopianguy.tripod.com/ im gonna put it in my sig too.
go ahead and visit my site, also i could really use any custom missions/skins/screens and stuff like that, my e-mail is all over that site its startopianguy@hotmail.com so...thats it.