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11th Feb 2003, 00:21
Hi. I know there's plenty of cool new menus for DromEd to make things easier, but I was wondering <i>if I was allowed to edit one</i> (am I?), what is the file name and how would I add to make more files under the "Textures" choice? I think I'm using Komag's. And with DedX and all the new choices... I'll need more choices for the Textures menu!

11th Feb 2003, 17:22
Yes, you are ;) Look at the MENUS.CFG file in your Thief 2 folder. You can simply open it with notepad and add more menu options to it.

The format looks like this:
menu_textures_4 Art Deco Misc:add_family ArtDmisc

menu_textures_4 is the menu where this option is placed (ordered by numbers)

Art Deco Misc is the name appearing in the menu

add_family ArtDmisc is the DromEd command that is executed by clicking this option.

11th Feb 2003, 22:32
I played around with that this morning. The problem is... <s>When I save it and then open DromEd up, it doesn't change. Do you know why my menus won't change???</s> Thanks! I think I'll send this into DromEd Central so others can have the same fun.

13th Feb 2003, 03:56
Not to rain on your parade or anything, but "Good luck" getting on DC right now to do anything!!:rolleyes: